Best Butt Plugs That Sex Experts Recommend For Safe Anal Play

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Best Butt Plugs Recommended For Safe Anal Play

Some of the best anal toys recommend by sex experts are butt plugs. The anus is rich with sensory nerve endings and pleasure points, which can lead to longer and harder orgasms.Using butt plugs — whether they vibrate or not — gives you different sensations of pleasure and is just another way to experience pleasure.

Many people — both men and women — use butt plugs during masturbation, foreplay or sex. They are a great addition to anyone’s toy box and add variety and more fun!


Why Anal Play?

Anal play feels goods because the same nerve that goes to the penis or clitoris also runs through the anus. Plus, the clitoral legs and prostate are stimulated through anal play.

Anal Play Myths

There’s many myths surrounding anal play. Unfortunately, people focus more on myths than on facts.

Myth #1: Anal Play Is Dirty

FACT: Anal Play Cleanliness Concerns can be easily addressed.

If you are mindful not to transfer anything directly from the rectum or anus into the vagina or mouth, you should be fine. Showering or using an enema before play or using barriers can help to minimize cleanliness concerns. Properly cleaning anal toys is very important in order to get rid of bacteria.

Myth #2: Anal Play Will Make Me Gay

FACT: The sexual behaviors that you engage in or like is not the same as your sexual orientation.

What makes you gay is not what you do, it’s who you do it with. PERIOD.

Anal play is just another way to experience pleasure.

Myth #3: Anal Play Is Going To Hurt

FACT: If you start slow or experiment by yourself before playing with a partner, you will get used to the sensation.

The key to anal play is to not be goal-oriented and to go slow. Any tension or rushing can lead to pain. As with anything else, stop as needed if you experience any pain.

If you are still nervous that anal play will hurt, you can use an anal desensitizer.

PLEASE NOTE: Desensitizers can shut down your body’s pain response and can actually numb the good feelings too.

What Is A Butt Plug?

Anal toys, like butt plugs, are an excellent way to introduce this new kind of stimulation.

Butt plugs are one of the most popular anal toys and are easily identified by its shape.

The best butt plugs that sex experts recommend for safe anal play have a wide flared base (or handle/loop) and a long “neck” with a tapered head that widens out, usually into a bulb shape. The tapered designed allows for insertion, while the flared base keeps the butt plug in place so that it can’t slip into the anal canal. The “neck” is the slimmest point of the butt plug and is where the anal sphincters will relax and squeeze around the “neck,” keeping the plug securely in place.

Some butt plugs have one or more bulges near the tip, which increases sensation upon insertion and removal but also makes it harder to insert and remove.

A butt plug can also allow you to enjoy hands-free anal stimulation for an extended period of time because they are meant to stay in place. We recommend starting off slow and wearing your butt plug for a short amount of time and then working your way up to longer periods as you get more comfortable. Many people prefer a narrow flared base and smaller “neck” because it is a more comfortable fit between the butt cheeks for prolonged wear.

Why Use A Butt Plug

Everyone including straight, gay, men, women, couples, and singles can benefit from using a butt plug.

Butt plugs are not just used to help make anal sex easier. Since these anal toys are hands-free, they allow you to use your hands in other ways. Butt plugs can be combined with all kinds of sexual play, including vaginal intercourse, masturbation, and oral sex.

Butt plugs apply pressure to erogenous zones and create the feeling of “fullness”. This pressure and feeling of “fullness” are what enables many people to orgasm both vaginally and anally. By inserting a butt plug, the amount of space in the pelvis is reduced, and as a result, the vagina feels tighter. The firmer pressure and additional texture provided by a butt plug also make the vagina feel different and more pleasurable to her partner.

As the pelvic floor muscles begin to contract during orgasm, the anal muscles contract around the plug and making the spasms feel stronger and harder. Orgasmic contractions around a butt plug feel more intense than without, improving the strength and duration of your climax and intensifies your pleasure.

A butt plug creates more pressure on the back vaginal wall, increasing the level of sensation she experiences – whether from a dildo, vibrator, or a penis. Many women also enjoy using a butt plug while receiving oral sex or during vaginal penetration. During orgasms, contractions around a butt plug feel more intense than without the butt plug and stimulate the nerve endings around the anus.

The clitoris is estimated to have 8000 sensory nerve endings and is shaped like a wishbone. You can only see the very top (or what many people refer to as the “pearl”) of the wishbone, but you can not see the internal clitoral legs. Because the clitoral legs extend down to the anus, some of those nerve endings reach as far as the anus. In addition to the shared connection of sensory nerves, a thin membrane is all that separates the vaginal cavity from the rectal cavity. Therefore, direct stimulation of the G-spot or clitoris during anal play helps some women achieve orgasm.

For those with a prostate, some curved butt plugs can reach and stimulate the prostate, which can result in a deeper, more intense and longer-lasting orgasms.

Butt Plugs Sizes

Butt plugs vary in size. The size you choose depends on how comfortable you are with anal play. A butt plug for beginners typically has the widest point that is no more than 1″ in diameter and an insertable length of 2″ to 3.5″. More advanced users prefer larger (in length and width) butt plugs.


Butt Plugs Materials

Butt plugs can be made out of many different materials, the most common being silicone, glass, and metal.

Medical grade stainless steel can be used for temperature play (heated and cooled), feel very smooth, and is easy to clean. However, metal butt plugs are heavy and not flexible.

Glass can also be used for temperature play, is lighter than metal, and is easy to clean.

The most popular material is silicone. Premium silicone is body-safe, easy to clean and flexible for insertion and removal.

Butt Plugs Types

Not only are there many different sizes and materials of butt plugs, but there are also many different types of butt plugs that sex experts recommend for a safe anal play.

Vibrating Butt Plugs

Many people prefer vibrating butt plugs because of its relaxing qualities. Vibrating butt plugs help relax the sphincter muscles and stimulate the G-spot or P-spot. These types of plugs are especially awesome for beginners, because the vibrations massage away muscle tightness.

Vibration also adds more sensation to the sensitive nerves in and around the anus. Many premium vibrating butt plugs have the vibration at the tip, which can transfer vibration to the prostate, or the perineal sponge and the anterior fornix erogenous zone (also known as the a-spot).

If you use a vibrating butt plug during partner penetration, your partner will also be able to enjoy the vibrations as well. They will receive stimulation through the vaginal wall from the vibrating plug while it is inside your anus.

Warming Butt Plugs

Warming butt plugs are an excellent choice for beginners because they help stimulate blood flow, relax your external muscles during use, and adds to your overall pleasure for a better experience.

Weighted Butt Plugs

Weighted butt plugs — some vibrate and some do not vibrate — are great to wear during sex or even while out an about. Weighted plugs use a small set of internal weights to create a feeling of fullness and movement.

Textured Butt Plugs

Textured butt plugs are excellent for intermediate or experienced users and can be used both anally or vaginally to experience new sensations. They feel good in the rectum because our rectum bends and twists and reflect your body’s natural curves.

How Do You Use A Butt Plug For Safe Anal Play?

First and foremost, when used correctly, experimenting with a butt plug should NEVER hurt.

Everyone has 2 sphincters: the outside sphincter, which you control and the inside sphincter which is further inside your body and you have less control of. Pain occurs when you do not wait for these muscles to relax. Always remove the butt plug immediately if it becomes irritating.

Relaxation, lubrication, communication is the anal play mantra.

  • Relaxation – Relaxation is what the anus needs to open up and have a pleasurable experience.
  • Lubrication – If you think you have enough lube, try a little bit more because the butt does not self-lubricate. When you use lubricant, you reduce friction that can cause discomfort and lead to micro-tears in the delicate anal tissues. Use a thick anal lubricant that is long lasting and slick so that it can protect the sensitive tissue. We always recommend thicker anal lubricant because it protects you from harmful bacteria and helps with a more comfortable experience.
  • Communication – If something is uncomfortable or painful, communicate it and back off.

Lots and lots of personal lubricant on the plug and your anus is definitely needed with butt plugs (or any kind of anal play), so that it will be easier to insert the plug.

Our favorites are:

For Silicone Butt Plugs

For Non-Silicone Butt Plugs

We recommend that your first butt plug should be smooth with no ridges or bumps. Insert the plug slowly lying down rather than sitting.

Once you are no longer a beginner, you can move up to a plug with ridges or bumps and/or a larger size, although you may only be able to wear it for a few minutes. Increase this period of time that you wear the butt plug until you’re able to keep the plug in place for up to six hours.

Women might find it helps to have an orgasm first or at least have lots of foreplay before experimenting with a butt plug. This helps to relax the body, including the muscles of the anus, which automatically clench when you are stressed, overwhelmed, worried, self-conscious, rushed, or uncomfortable.

How Do You Clean A Butt Plug?

It’s very important to clean your butt plugs before and after each use to make sure that you get rid of any harmful bacteria. Luxury anal toys should be washed with anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner.


BEST NON-VIBRATING: Fun Factory Bootie Butt Plug

The Fun Factory Bootie Butt Plug is a simple and super soft silicone butt plug that offers flexibility with the necessary firmness. The Bootie is a comfortable butt plug that fits perfectly between your cheeks and is curved for prostate pleasure (but pleasurable for those who do not have a prostate too!).

Bootie is an excellent choice for beginners.


BEST NON-VIBRATING: Fun Factory Bootie Butt Plug

The Snug Plug is a super comfortable, weighted butt plug. It is designed with soft ridges that stimulate internally, while its weight provides a sensual and satisfying feeling of fullness.

Snug Plugs feature a totally unique torpedo shape. The soft ridges of the 100% premium silicone sex toy provide internal stimulation of the anal canal as it moves inside your body.

Each Snug Plug provides a satisfying feeling of fullness. The six styles feature progressively heavier weights, ranging from 55 grams to 515 grams.

The body is more responsive to pressure and movement inside the anal canal. Snug Plug’s unique design and weight provide both types of erotic stimulation as they slide along the inner wall of the anus.

The rounded edge makes it easy to insert and the comfortable smooth grip handle makes your Snug Plug easy to remove.

Designed for discreet extended wear, B-Vibe Snug Plugs can be worn during partner sex or enjoyed anytime.



BONUS: Snug Plugs also vibrate!


The Njoy Pure Plug is the best stainless steel butt plug recommended by sex experts. This luxury sex toy has a bulbous head, a narrow stem, and loop handle.

The weighty and medical grade stainless steel of this metal plug adds an amazing sense of fullness. Cast in 316 medical-grade stainless steel and hand polished to a mirror shine, this anal toy retains heat and cold beautifully for temperature play. Also because it is made with metal, this butt plug can be used with any type of lubricant.

Equally fun for the bedroom or to wear all day, the Njoy Pure Plugs combine a large head for penetration with a tapered narrow stem for easy retention and long-term comfort.

The loop handle makes insertation and removal super easy.

BEST GLASS PLUG: Crystal Delights T-Handle Butt Plug

Unique and handcrafted, the Crystal Delights Glass T-Handle Butt Plug is a very easy to use butt plug recommended by sex experts.

This butt plug has the standard small Crystal Delights bulb with a short stem. However, instead of the traditional round base, this luxury anal toy has a sleek bar making a “T” shaped handle. It is an excellent butt plug if you are looking for a comfortable, safe, easy-to-grip and control plug base. The handle has also been crafted with beveled edges, enhancing both the appearance and functionality of this luxury anal toy.

Whether used alone or with a partner, the slender stem gives way to the t-handle, ensuring the butt plug is comfortable once inserted and is safe to use. The handle keeps the toy safely outside of the body, enabling it to be retrieved, guided, and removed anytime you wish.

Made of carefully crafted and properly hardened Borosilicate glass (non-toxic and phthalate free), the Crystal Delights Glass T-Handle Butt Plug is smooth, body-safe, and eco-friendly. Of course, glass is also perfect for temperature play!

Since it is made of medical grade pyrex glass, every type of lubricant works with this luxury sex toy.

BEST SET: Rianne S Butt Plug Set

The Rianne S Butt Plug Set is a set of 3 silicone butt plugs in graduated sizes (Small/Medium/Large) and is an ideal training kit to further explore and discover anal play. Each plug has a gem-like stone on the flange for a touch of booty bling.

COCK RING & BUTT PLUG COMBO: b-Vibe Snug & Tug Weighted Butt Plug and Cock Ring

Snug & Tug combines the erection-boosting power of a silicone cock ring with perineum massage, anal stimulation, and light prostate play.

Snug & Tug incorporates a penis ring, which will give you more stimulation as the ring produces longer, stronger erections. The weighted internal plug simultaneously stimulates the anal canal and prostate.

Snug & Tug is based on the popular B-Vibe Snug Plug Collection, a weighted butt plug that offers a sense of fullness.

The stretchy silicone penis ring is sized to fit most users for a harder, fuller erection. Combined with a weighted plug for a feeling of fullness, excellent anal and prostate stimulation, the ring and plug are connected by a narrow base. The smooth silicone ridge that connects the plug and the ring constantly massages the perineum – a highly sensitive area full of nerve endings and erectile tissue.

The design of this unique luxury anal toy has a flexible narrow base that makes the Snug & Tug easy to insert and comfortable for extended wear, as the soft silicone fits between the cheeks. As you move, your motion will tug gently on the toy, sending waves of pleasure from the base of your penis to your prostate.

The combination of a delayed orgasm from the penis ring with intensified stimulation from the internal prostate stimulation is perfect for partner sex, solo sex, or to enjoy discreetly for extended wear.

b-Vibe has added even more sensation to the mix with the addition of vibration. With 4 vibration intensities and 6 patterns, deliver intense pulses of pleasure to the prostate and anal canal.


Ditto is a premium vibrating butt plug is a remote-controlled vibrating plug that is slim and flexible at the base. It is easy to insert and comfortable to wear, making it perfect for beginners or advanced users. Thanks to Ditto’s asymmetrical shape, you can wear it in a variety of positions.

Ditto stimulates with gentle pressure and rumbly vibrations and can be controlled by the remote or the free We-Connect app.

BEST DUAL MOTOR PLUG: Hot Octopuss PleX with Flex Butt Plug

PleX with Flex is a customizable and remote controlled vibrating butt plug with a unique flexible base that uses Hot Octopuss’ patented Treble and Bass Technology.

Unlike conventional butt plugs that are rigid, PleX with Flex is designed to fit your body with extra comfort. Offering the ultimate comfort and targeted prostate stimulation, PleX features a flexible base that bends up to 90 degrees.

Ergonomically designed for comfort and vibration transfer, PleX with Flex is perfectly sized for all levels of experience. PleX features a smooth bulb shape that is tapered to deliver orgasmic vibrations to your booty as well as pinpoint prostate stimulation for those looking for incredible prostate play.

The Treble motor at the tip emits powerful high-frequency waves, while the Bass motor in the body delivers deep, rumbly vibrations. Adjust the Treble and Bass to find your perfect customized frequency.

This luxury anal toy features 5 variable speed settings with an additional 5 different pleasure patterns to hit just the right spot each and every time.


PleX includes a remote control, enabling seamless switching between settings without ever needing to touch the toy.

3. BEST WARMING PLUG: Tilt by Lora DiCarlo Butt Plug

Tilt is a dual vibration warming butt plug and luxury sex toy recommend by sex experts for safe and comfortable anal play. This hands-free sex toy can be worn anally or vaginally while sitting, standing, or in a multitude of positions during partner sex or solo play.

Tilt’s warming function makes it even more comfortable to use, which make your experience more pleasurable. Tilt warms quickly to 104° F / 40° C, just above your body temperature, for a natural, sensual heat that feels like a warm partner.

The benefits of warmth can help stimulate your blood flow, relax your external muscles during use, and enhance your overall pleasure for a more enhanced sensory experience from start to finish.

Tilt is a multi-purpose, contoured G-Spot/P-spot butt plug with two independently-controlled motors for simultaneous G-spot/clitoral or P-spot/perineal stimulation. Its motors deliver powerful, intense, rumbly vibrations internally and externally, simultaneously stimulating two pleasure points at once. The sculpted external arm allows for simultaneous clitoral or perineal stimulation, while the internal arm stimulates your G-spot or P-spot.

4. BEST RIMMING PLUG: b-Vibe Rimming 2

(Free discreet shipping)

The b-Vibe Rimming 2 Plug is a vibrating butt plug that incorporates rotating beads for an intense rimming sensation. Paired with strong vibrations from its powerful motor located in the tip of the butt plug, you will feel amazing sensations! The Rimming Plug caters to fans of oral stimulation of the anus, aka analingus. The rotating beads can work together or independently of the vibration.

Featuring an LED wireless remote control that works from up to 30 feet away, this butt plug is also fun for couple’s play.

5. BEST POWERFUL PLUG: Lovense Hush and Hush 2

Available in 4 sizes, Hush and Hush 2 have rumbly vibrations and are extremely powerful compared to other luxury anal toys. Hush can be customized to a wide range of vibration levels. The app allows you to choose a power level which matches your individual needs.

Hush and Hush 2 are:

  • Sleek and smooth
  • Designed for comfortable short or long-term wear
  • Have a neck that was designed to ensure it STAYS PUT during use
  • Have an ptimized base is comfortable, but flared enough to ensure it’s safe

Hush and Hush 2 are remote controlled. Smartphone control makes solo play, foreplay, or discreet public play easier and more fun!

BEST TEXTURE: B-Vibe Texture Vibrating Plug

Designed by a sex expert for maximum pleasure, b-Vibe’s Texture Vibrating Butt Plugs can be used for safe anal and vaginal play. Use the one-touch button to access the 6 vibration patterns.


The smallest of the texture plugs, the Bump Texture Plug provides a unique surface & is an excellent way to introduce anal play. Wrapped in ‘bumpy’ textures, this small vibrating butt plug massages the sphincter as it enters and exits the body and is tapered for easy insertion.


The Swirl Texture Plug has rope-like features, this medium vibrating butt plug creates tugging and twisting sensations.


The Twist Texture Plug has delicate ripples of varying sizes. This large vibrating butt plug offers the feeling of fullness.


Thank you for reading this guide!