Beware of Cheap Sex Toys

Although the price might be affordable, you pay for what you get when it comes to adult toys.

Why? Here are the top 5 reasons to beware of cheap sex toys:

1. Poor Quality - Cheap toys break while in use or don't work as soon as they come out of the packaging. If they do work right away, these toys can also have a hard time holding their charge or have been known to overheat. Ouch! 

Plus, they cheap toys don't have warranties like premium high-quality toys. If you are going to invest and prioritize your pleasure, you want a product that will last and the manufacturer stands behind.

2. Noise - HELP! There's a freight train running through your bedroom. Our bad. That's just the sound of a very loud cheap toy.

Luxury toys are very quiet so your kids, roommate, next door neighbor won't know what you are up to.

3. Material - Allergic reactions, melting material, changing color. Any of those can occur with cheap toys thanks to chemicals and fillers. Those additional ingredients are used to make toys inexpensive. Plus, those chemicals can be toxic and harmful to your body. Cheap toys are also porous (hello bacteria!) and can smell like a new shower curtain. Which would you rather have?

Learn more about sex toy materials here.

4. Design - Cheap sex toys have the same exact design. That's because the same factory is making the toy and just changing the label, brand, and packaging. Also, cheap toys are uncomfortable to hold and use. How much thought and design goes into these products?

5. Outdated Technology - Batteries . . . remember those? With cheap toys, you need a lot of them, and their motors are not as strong as premium high-quality toys. Also, cheap toys don't have wireless remote controls, which are fun to use with a partner!

It's true that cheap sex toys are more inexpensive and affordable, but take a moment to think about what you are getting. If you choose to invest in yourself and your pleasure, it will be clear that quality comes at a price.

After all, you and your pleasure are WORTH IT!!