5 Myths of Male Chastity

What is male chastity? Many people don't understand it and think that it's just for people into strange sexual play. Who would want to put their penis in some medieval contraption? But there's a lot more to male chastity and cock cages then meets the eye . . . or the penis. It's simply a mild form of fetishism, but that's not the only reason why people take part in chastity.

So, here are the 5 myths of male chastity:

1. Male Chastity Is ONLY For Unfaithful Men

Chastity is not about trust issues between a man and his partner. It is more about couples who both enjoy the fun of tease play. It prolongs foreplay and allows for longer sex play. It also strengthens the connection -- both physical and emotional -- between 2 people. Denial can heighten one's sexual sensitivity, where everything seems more exciting and intense.

2. It Is A Fetish-Only Item

Most of the people who partake in male chastity are couples. Couples wear it for a special date or a short amount of time compared to the fetish wearer who has it on for an extended period of time, like months. Many couples find that chastity strengthens the bond between them, and they end up craving their partner even more.

3. Only Women Buy Them For Their Partners

Many men buy chastity devices because it is something that interests their partner. Also, plenty of men enjoy caging themselves up and dropping hints throughout the day that his partner can’t access his penis. It's a great way to get his partner very excited!

4. Chastity Belts And Cock Cages Are Supposed To Hurt

Chastity belts are not supposed to hurt. Good chastity belts for men should be lightweight and adjustable. It may take a few times before he puts it on correctly. Once he's comfortable, and before he's aroused, it's very easy to forget that he has it on. He only remembers that he's wearing a chastity belt when the key holder shows that they have the keys (or when he urinates). We prefer stainless steel cock cages because they are easy to clean and durable.

5. Male Chastity Prevents Erections

A man can experience an erection, but it will not grow fully. He should not feel pain but more of a restrictive sensation.

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