5 Ways to Make a Guy Feel Great About His Member – No Matter His Size

When it comes to penis size, every man brings something different to the table. Where some men are skinny and long, others are short, yet girthy. Where some men are circumcised, others are uncircumcised. No matter what type of equipment a guy is bringing to the party, you have to remember one thing – size isn’t everything.

Keep in mind that a big penis doesn’t mean he’s going to rock your world in the bedroom and a small penis doesn’t mean he can’t please you.

Your goal should be to make your man feel confident, regardless of his penis size. Let’s take a look at five ways to make a guy feel great about his penis, so he can avoid feeling insecure and focus more on pleasing the person that matters most – you.

1) Show Excitement When It’s Time For Sex

If you truly want him to feel good about his penis, show some excitement when it’s time to get intimate. You don’t necessarily have to use words to showcase your excitement. Show him how eager you are. Kisses along the outside of his pants are one way to get the message across.

Tease him as you slowly pull down his zipper, rubbing his penis. He’s certain to be excited about what comes next. Count on him to bevery hard and ready to go.

2) Remind Him That He Rocks Your World

There’s nothing wrong with giving his ego a good stroking every now and then, especially if he’s on the smaller side. We’re not telling you to outright lie and tell him he is well endowed, if he isn’t. He already knows how he sizes up. Therefor,e lying will just make him feel insecure.

Telling him that his penis is enough to please you should be all the ego stroking he needs to maintain his confidence. He just needs to know that he can make you happy.

3) Get Handy

Whether your guy is big, small, girthy, or long,manual stimulation is a surefire way to make him feel good. He most certainly won’t be worrying about the size of his penis when you’re giving him grade A hand service.

Make a show of it. Try to position yourself in a way where you’re straddling his legs while you’reworking your magic. That way he can experience the loving care of your hands while admiring the curves of your body. While you’re at it, you can really give him pleasure by using theBlewIt2 masturbator, a male sex toy that’s sure to knock his socks off.

Introducing high quality sex toys into the bedroom is another way to change things up and truly make him feel good.

4) Don’t Focus On Size

You can really hurt a man’s self-confidence if you fixate too much on the size of his penis. If he’s on the bigger side, try not to act too intimidated (and make sure to invest in some lubricant).

Communication is key.

Don’t be afraid to tell him what makes you uncomfortable. In the same token, you should coach him on the acts that give you the most pleasure. Partners who are on the same wavelength should be able to communicate and accommodate one another’s needs. Solid communication will ensure that both parties enjoy a pleasurable experience.

If he’s smaller, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. That means his penis is a lot easier to manage, especially if you want to experience anal penetration.  If you’re really trying to get the most out of his erection, try a penis ring. It’ll give him fuller, longer erections which will lead to better sex.

5) Choose Positions That Suit His Size

No matter his size, there’s always a sex position that’s best suited for the specific package he brings to the table.

If he has a smaller penis, the missionary position is highly recommended. You can put your legs over his shoulders and squeeze lovingly when he enters inside of you, which will make the experience more pleasurable for both parties.

You can also position yourself at an angle for deeper penetration (try lying on a few pillows until you get the angle just right). You can help him out by pleasuring yourself during intercourse. If you both move with the same intensity,you’ll greatly increase the likelihood of climaxing at the same time.

If he’s on the bigger side, then the cowgirl position will likely do the trick. Riding allows you to control rhythm, depth, and speed. You’rein control– he’ll be getting the ride of a lifetime!

Boosting Your Man’s Confidence

Never forget that many men are sensitive about the size of their penis. You can help your man overcome any insecurity by using the above techniques to make him feel great about his penis. With a firm ego (as well as a firm penis), you’ll truly enhance your sex life.

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Featured image credit: pcdazero / Pixabay