6 Phone Apps Sure To Turn You On!

6 Phone Apps Sure To Turn You On!

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Technology is amazing, isn’t it? Right now in the palm of your hand, you hold a little computer with the power to change your life in so many ways: you can express yourself through social media, unwind with games, communicate with your loved ones, and even meet new loved ones! While apps have become increasingly instrumental in helping people come together and meet new romantic and sexual partners, the fun doesn’t have to stop there! Apps can enhance your time in the bedroom just as much as any other aspect of your life. Read on to find out just how.

Unleash Your Imagination With Stories

There’s nothing sexier than what can happen inside your own head. While everyone knows where to find visual porn in the form of photos and videos, sometimes you’ve  just got to mix it up, and that’s where erotic literature comes in. This app offers hundreds of user-submitted erotic stories that fall into three different categories: romantic, scary and real-life! On this app you’ll find that a picture may be worth 1,000 words, but words have the power to capture a certain sensation that you can’t find anywhere else. Pour yourself a glass of red wine and read these stories to get turned on during an intimate night alone or take turns reading these stories aloud with your partner. You can even act them out! Stories also offers the ability to submit your own lustful tales, so you have the opportunity to get creative as well.

Or Immerse Yourself In Sexy Sounds With Dipsea

If words on a page aren’t enough for you, engage another sense with Dipsea. This app provides short, sexy erotic stories in audible form. You can listen to them anywhere, whether you are alone or with a partner. The hundreds of stories offered involve many different combinations of genders, including her and him, her and her, and her and they. Thestories cater to different moods and situations, such as personal pleasure and feeling “inspired for later.” With so many different types of stories, you’re sure to find just the right one! Another cool aspect of this app, which you can’t find with any old erotic literature, is sexy sounds created with high production value to accompany the stories and really bring you into the world they create.

Surprise Yourself And Your Partner With Sex Roulette

Sex Roulette is just as fun and unexpected as the name suggests. This app combines passion,

pleasure, and fun with five different games: Naughty Scenarios, Wheel to Decide, Red-Hot Dice, Dirty Never Have I Ever, and the classic, Truth or Dare. The great thing about this app is that even within the different games you can select the right level of intensity for you and your partner: for instance, Naughty Scenarios offers “Get Me Going,” “Unleash,” and “Fantasy to Reality.” Truth or Dare offers five different levels of intensity from soft to hardcore. No two couples are alike, and the level of customization this app offers by having so many different choices ensures that you and your partner will find the perfect game for you.

Get To Know Yourself And Your Partner A Little Bit Better With iPassion

There’s a reason why personality quizzes have gained so much popularity on the internet: answering questions about yourself is not only fun, it can help you learn information about yourself that even you weren’t aware of! That’s what’s so great about iPassion.This app helps you understand yourself, your partnership, and your relationship better. After you play the game, you can apply that knowledge straight away in the bedroom!It works like this: you and your partner both download the app and both answer a series of questions about your preferences, likes, dislikes ,and turn-ons in bed. You then guess each others’ answers. Whoever does the best job guessing gets a special prize, but there are no losers in this game.

Learn How To Take Care Of Yourself Better With Emjoy

You don’t need a partner to get to know yourself and what feels good to you! Emjoy is an app created to help women learn more about their bodies and how to care for them. This includes, of course, your sexual needs and libido. Like Dipsea, Emjoy offers erotic stories but also guided wellness meditations aimed towards gaining confidence and getting familiar with your own body. Once you truly understand how your own body works and feel confident in it, you can maximize your power to make it feel good!With curated audio sessions such as “pleasure awareness,” this app can help you turn yourself on in ways you never knew were possible.

And lastly, find new use for an app you already have with Spotify!

You don’t even need to go to the app store to turn yourself on with your phone; this appis one you probably already have! Our senses are highly linked to our emotions, and the right song can do wonders as far as putting you in the mood. There’s a reason porn always has a soundtrack—something about that special combination of rhythm and melody can unlock just the right feeling! If you’re not sure what songs do it for you, Spotify has lots of curated playlists that you can try out to see what gets you in the mood: “Bedroom Jams,” curated by Spotify itself, has a list of 69 (how cheeky!) sultry songs to get down to. There’s also tons of user curated sex playlists on the app, such as “Love, Sex & Water.” If you want something more upbeat, you could even try “Dance Workout.” While it may not have been curated with sex in mind, a thumping beat can serve a lot of purposes.

It’s 2020, and the world is your oyster, which, like all of these apps, is an aphrodisiac! For the truly adventurous, check out the Top 10 Best Sex Toys you can use with your phone.