Can You Use a G-Spot Toy As A Prostate Massager?

The market for male sex toys has grown considerably as men have begun accepting their desire for assisted self-pleasure. So, what’s the first step towards choosing the perfect sex toy? Know what kind of stimulation you’re looking for! Although the male toy industry is growing, there are still many more female-targeted sex toys. Due to this, many interested in male sex toys have turned their attention to using G-spot toys (targeted to women) for a more varied prostate stimulation experience. 

Are the G-spot and the prostate the same thing?

The short answer is a simple ‘no’. While not much is known about how the G-spot works (c’mon scientists!), the gist of it is this: the G-spot is an erogenous zone two to three inches inside the vaginal wall (towards the belly button) that may lead to strong orgasms when stimulated. The prostate shares a few similarities to the G-spot, namely in its ability to produce stronger, more intense orgasms in some men when stimulated. Although neither the G-spot nor the prostate is guaranteed to cause deep sexual pleasure in every person, many women and men report being able to achieve pleasure through stimulation. 

Let’s be clear that neither the G-spot nor the prostate are ‘spots’. A better description for them would be ‘area’; both zones can differ in size from person to person but are generally not small enough to be considered simply a ‘spot’ (especially in men).

Although similar, not all sex toys are created equally.

Not *every* gendered toy can – or should – be used interchangeably. Let’s look at some pros and cons of using G-spot toys as prostate massagers.

Pro - G-spot toys are more readily available

When you are shopping around for your new male sex toys, you may find that the men’s section of any sex toy store – whether online or in-person – is incredibly limited. The toy that you want may be out of stock, unavailable in that location, or simply not sold at your store of choice. Getting a G-spot toy that may likely have the same functions can save you time waiting or prevent you from having to purchase your second or third choice. 

Con – Toy shapes are not always ideal

Although located in similar positions, the angle at which the prostate sits is not identical to that of the G-spot. Since G-spot toys are curved to stimulate the G-spot, it cannot be guaranteed that their shape will be conducive for prostate stimulation. If you are interested in exploring both types of toys, ensure that you have a good understanding of where your prostate is located and the shape of the toy that may best match your desires. Toys that are curved too little may not provide enough stimulation and toys that are too curved may be overly stimulating or painful.

Con – Some G-spot toys can be risky for anal play

Most toys intended for anal usage have broad, flared base or are shaped in a way that prevents them from ‘getting lost’ during use. Since G-spot toys are not designed for anal play they are often not constructed in a way that makes them completely safe for non-traditional use. If you settle on a toy that is meant for G-spot stimulation, make sure that the handle is large enough to operate as a safety feature!

Pro - G-spot toys are generally more diverse

Women’s sex toys generally have more variety in vibration settings, shapes, sizes, and colors. Looking for a bright pink toy with at least 5 vibrations settings and a rechargeable battery? Likely to find one among the women’s section. Want something beginner-friendly and simple, but super effective? Available for men, but you’ll probably have better luck comparing both prostate massagers and G-spot toys for better options. 

**Side note: Not all toys are made from materials that are recommended for anal play! Hard materials, such as glass, steel, wood, and medical-grade silicone are ideal for anal play, as they are much easier to sanitize and keep clean than other materials. Before you purchase a toy, it is advised that you verify the material the toy is made of and get clear instructions on proper cleaning methods.

G-spot and prostate massager recommendations

Now that we have more information, let’s get to the fun part – choosing your toy! Here are some great luxury sex toys from My Secret Luxury, an online sex toy store and sex education website. 

AnerosEupho Syn Trident Prostate Massager

This prostate massager is perfect for a beginner. The shaft of this toy is slim and the head is relatively small, for more targeted prostate stimulation. The Eupho Syn Trident is created to work with the anal sphincter muscles and the tightening and relaxation of these muscles cause the toy to move and create additional stimulation. 

Njoy Pure Wand Dildo

This double-sided G-spot dildo is another great non-vibrating option for prostate massage. You can start at the smaller end and work your way to the thicker side or jump straight into the deep end – no pun intended! The Pure Wand Dildo is stainless steel (which means you can play with warming and cooling it!) and perfect for use with silicone and oil-based lubricants, which allows for more slip than water-based lubricants.

  LELO Bruno Prostate Massager

Ready for some good old-fashioned vibration? The Bruno Prostate Massager has two motors, one in the base and one in the tip, for more direct and intense prostate and perineum stimulation. This toy is hands-free and remote-controlled, with 6 powerful settings sure to mimic whatever type of stimulation you are looking for. It’s great for those that desire a true ‘full’ feeling and enjoy a bit of pressure on their prostate.

We-Vibe Vector Prostate Massager

The first adjustable prostate massager that was designed in collaboration with leading prostate experts, Vector by We-Vibe is comfortable and easy to use. Stimulating both the prostate and the perineum with two motors, Vector’s adjustable head applies firm but gentle pressure on the prostate. Meanwhile, it’s base is flexible and stable while stimulating the perineum. The We-Vibe is a great toy for partner play! Bluetooth technology allows you to insert this toy and have your partner control it through an app – no matter where you are.

Featured Image Credit: geralt / Pixabay