Everything You Need to Know About the We-Vibe and Standard Innovation Lawsuit

Learn Everything You Need to Know About the We-Vibe and Standard Innovation Lawsuit

As the first store to curate only high end, premium, body-safe adult sex toys, and that has built a reputation as being a discreet and unintimidating adult product store, we take your privacy seriously. To that end, we wanted to fill you in on the details surrounding the lawsuit against Standard Innovation - the parent company for We-Vibe products - and what it means for you.

Wait . . . . What Lawsuit?

Standard Innovation is settling a lawsuit over their app-compatible or "smart" vibrators. In a settlement filed March 9, 2017 in Chicago federal court, the Canadian company agreed to pay $5 million CDN (about $3.75 million) to resolve privacy claims regarding its "adult sensual lifestyle products" that transmitted customer data to the company's servers.

These Standard Innovation products includes:

  • We-Vibe 4+ , Classic and app-only
  • Sync
  • Rave
  • Nova

The lawsuit alleges that, without customers' knowledge, the app collected information about how often and with what settings the toys were used. The app also used to collect users' email addresses, which in theory would allow the company to link the usage info to specific accounts. This feature has since been disabled.

Standard Innovation, We-Vibe's parent company, tells us:

"We do collect certain limited data to help us improve our products and for diagnostic purposes. As a matter of practice, we use this data in an aggregate, non-identifiable form. Processor chip temperature is used to help us determine whether device processors are operating correctly. And vibration intensity data is used for the purposes of helping us better understand how—in the aggregate—our product features are utilized." Source-We-Vibe Blog

What Does This Mean For You?

First and foremost, Standard Innovation has destroyed all the data it collected. They also stopped collecting personal user information, including emails. So, that means you can now use the app anonymously. If you’re already signed in but want anonymity, simply sign out and keep using the app.

Standard Innovation has also:

  • increased the app security
  • updated their privacy notice
  • added a setting in the app to turn off the sharing of anonymized data

Furthermore, the company is paying out over $3 million dollars to users. According to NPR,  

"Under the terms of the settlement, anyone who bought an app-enabled vibrator can receive up to $199 dollars; anyone who actually connected it to the app can collect up to $10,000. The actual amount paid out will depend on how many people file claims; the company estimates people who bought the app will get around $40, and people who used the app around $500."

How To File a Claim

If you used any of the above toys and/or the We-Connect app and want to file a claim, [click here].

Does My Secret Luxury Still Trust We-Vibe?

Absolutely! They make incredible products that bring thousands of people pleasure. They stepped up and did the right thing. They used the data to make better products for all of us.

It’s also worth mentioning the role that our sex negative society plays in the reporting of and reactions to this case. Most of us share a lot of vulnerable data like our location every day through apps like Instagram, Google Maps, and more. To us, that is way scarier than some anonymous data about which vibration setting we prefer.

That being said, it was incredibly unprofessional and wrong that the company didn't get consent for this data. More so because Standard Innovation operates within a consent-focused, sex positive field.

It's totally understandable if you feel angry, nervous, or any other emotion.

But until We-Vibe stops making quality products and/or stops owning up to and fixing their mistakes, they have our unending support. 

Standard Innovation and We-Vibe made a mistake, which they apologized for and are now compensating customers. It's time to move on and focus on pleasure.

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