Male Chastity 101

Originally, chastity was forced on women in order to save their virginity until marriage. Today, some women (and men) wait until they get married to loose their virginity, but they no longer wear chastity belts for that purpose.

However, some men choose male chastity in order to delay their sexual climax as long as possible. Yes - this is true. Some men get off from the idea of orgasm denial.

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What drives someone to male chastity? One reason why men are into male chastity is that he wants to be better version of himself and relinquish control in a sexual way, which is essentially a dominant and submissive BDSM relationship. He wants his partner (usually a woman) to have all of the control. Male chastity causes him to be focused on his partner rather than himself.

Do you have to be into BDSM or submission or chastity to wear a cock cage? No, unless that's what you are into. Many people are just looking to spice up their foreplay with something new and different. It can also be used for tease play or edging. Men are turned on by the idea of being teased by their partner for a period of time. Some men use this as a way to save their relationships. Wearing a cage and having his partner hold the key, makes it more about what his partner wants him to do and succumb to his partner's wishes.

How does it work? A chastity cage locks up the penis to restrict the man from being able to climax. A man must be driven to do it and psychologically ready to be in a cage. He must be brave enough to hand over the key and serve his partner.

The dominant partner in this kind of relationship is usually called the “key holder”, since they literally hold the key to the chastity cage. This constant power play of someone holding the key to their manhood/penis and wanting to be out of a locked cage is what these men love. This kind of play becomes an psychological obsession, where the man is always frustrated and anticipating release from the cage.

Can you get aroused when you are locked up? Yes. The erection fills the cage and the cage controls it. The male chastity device is a way to stop him from touching himself. Most men need to touch themselves in order to orgasm. By restricting touch and masturbation, he is unable to orgasm. Erections are blood flow and preventing blood flow should never happen.

How long can you wear a cage? There are no rules. Chastity belts or cages can be worn for a few hours to one year! They can be taken on and off for sex.

How hard is it to put on a cage? Although the cages looks small, they can fit on a normal to large sized flaccid penis. Cock cages can take up to 3 times to get on correctly. He needs to be calm and relaxed to put it on. Once he gets the hang of it, it is very easy to take on and off.

How do you pee? There's usually a hole at the end of a device, but it can be messy.

How sanitary is it to wear a cage? Most cages can be cleaned while he takes a shower. There are holes that allow for water to pass through it.

What's the difference between male chastity and cuckolding? Cuckolding can sometimes include male chastity but not always. Cuckolding is more about humiliation and usually the man is not allowed to have sex with his partner and prefers to watch his partner have sex with other people.

Which chastity device do you recommend? Our favorite and best seller is CB-6000 Chastity Belt and Lock Set.

Have you experimented with male chastity? Do you like it or hate it??