The Best Background Songs While Having Sex

Choosing the perfect playlist is the key to setting the mood for a truly enjoyable sexual experience. Research shows that music triggers the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is responsible for intense feelings of desire. Whether the mood is fast and passionate or slow and loving, great music coupled with the right sex toy from LELO can get you exactly where you need to be.

LELO is a high-end sex toy company, specializing in luxury sex toys for men and women. With pleasure products ranging from LELO vibrators to the best in men’s sex toys , you’re guaranteed to find a product that meets your sexual needs.

The ideal song can enhance already heightened emotions of lust, love, and pleasure and LELO high quality sex toys are sure to push you over the edge.Want the perfect, sexy night? Keep reading for our list of the best background songs while having sex!

Nobody – Keith Sweat ft. Athena Cage

Classic 90s R&B singer Keith Sweat released this track in 1996 and the bedroom has never been the same since! With lyrics like “I wanna tease you. I wanna please you. I wanna show you baby, that I need you”, this song is sureto set your soul on fire. Paired with the amazing sensations of the LELO SONA Stimulator, a luxury sex toy made for gentle clitoral stimulation, you can’t go wrong. The SONA uses sonic pulses to not only stimulate the external nerves but also provide the user with contact-free stimulation to the nerves surrounding the clitoris. Suggestion: Use this toy during foreplay together with light kissing and caressing to start off the night the right way.

Tonight (Best Night You Ever Had) – John Legend

John Legend has had his fair share of hits, from Love Me Now to All of Me. Most of John Legend’s discography contains sweet love songs that are perfect for slow dances and weddings. Unlike his other mostly innocent tracks, Tonight (Best Night You Ever Had) sees John confidently promising his partner the best sex they’ve experienced – in their life! LELO has just the high-quality sex toy needed to match this sexyassertiveness – the.The TIANI 3 is a vibrating insertable luxury sex toy that is designed to provide pleasure to both partners through its flexible multi-use design. Suggestion: Insert this toy before partner penetration while in the missionary position for maximum joint stimulation.

Earned It –The Weeknd

Fans of the popular ‘Fifty Shades’ will likely remember this sultry jam from the first movie. The Weeknd packs no punches with his lyrics for this song, crooning to his listener that they deserve all the love and satisfaction they’re about to receive– “You’re always worth it and you deserve it”. Planning a night of service to your partner? The GIGI 2, is a high-end sex toy that takes G-spot orgasms to the next level.The GIGI 2 can be used solo but is also perfect for targeted use with a partner. Suggestion: Choose a position where you can access your partner’s clitoris or other erogenous zone and insert this toy for G-Spot stimulation.

(Everything I Do) I Do It For You – Bryan Adams

Songs that electrify the mood don’t always have to be explicit. For those who prefer subtle, classic love songs, Bryan Adams’ lyrics are just what you need.This early 90s hit is guaranteed to build sexual tension, ending in the ultimate, loving release! The LELO HUGO prostate massager is designed for easy insertion and gentle vibration through remote control. Male sex toys are perfect for use during couple sex, as they can be used in tandem with penis stimulation to ensure the most powerful orgasm possible. Suggestion: Insert this toy a few minutes before getting into your favorite position for added pleasure and sensation during climax.

Whatever your sexual mood, LELO’s luxury sex toys and our playlist for the best background songs while having sex have you and your partner covered! Visit our website to review our high-end products and experience the unparalleled pleasure of LELO sex toys .

Featured Image Credit: geralt / Pixabay