The Case for Men's Sex Toys - Why You Should Be Using Them

Why are women allowed to walk into a store and purchase sex toys boldly, yet men have to order sex toys from the safety of their mother's basement out of fear of being labeled a creep? Our society has done a fantastic job of convincing the male population that sex toys are strictly for women.

It is true that men can orgasm easier than women without the aid of sex toys, but it's a proven fact that men derive just as much pleasure from sex toys as women do. Sex toys allow men to experience an entirely new level of pleasure and satisfaction. In fact, sex toys encourage men to explore regions of their body they've likely never traversed before.

Why Don't More Men Buy Sex Toys?

In recent times, there has been a massive surge of female sexual empowerment, which is why women can openly talk about self-pleasure without fear of repercussion.

It's all about taboos, and sadly when it comes to sexual gratification, men are often viewed as animalistic and creepy. It doesn't help that sexual stereotypes and masculinity cause men to run away from the idea of using sex toys for self-pleasure. The prevailing thought is that if you're a man, your hand is all you need to get the job done. Even if that's the case, men are missing out on a world of pleasure and exploration.

Understanding That It's More than Just About You

Many men believe they don't need sex toys to for sexual satisfaction. However, there are sex toys that can be introduced to the bedroom that benefit both the man and the woman.

Let's look at the example of using a couple’s vibrator. This sex toy stimulates both partners, so each person experiences pleasure, and the experience is enhanced for both partners equally. You can also look at penis rings. These sex toys allow men to experience pleasurable sensations while trapping blood flow in the penis. This results in longer, harder erections -- an obvious benefit for both partners. Meanwhile vibrating penis rings vibrating penis rings have the added vibration that adds stimulation for your partner during penetration.

As you can see, male sex toys aren't quite as bad as we've been led to believe. Sex toys can improve a man's sex life in every aspect. Now let's look at a few more reasons why men should really be using sex toys in the bedroom.

1) Masturbation Can Be Seen As Exciting and Fun

Male masturbation doesn't have to be the animalistic and shameful activity that society has made it out to be. It can be a fun and exciting experience to look forward to. Men should be allowed to embrace their sexual urges as they engage in new levels of sexual pleasure with sex toys. When men experience the joys of sex toys, they can begin to view society's negative perceptions of male self-pleasure in an entirely new light.

Exploring different parts of the body with various sex toys give men something new and exciting to look forward to. For example, exploring different types of lubes can be an exciting way to go about masturbation. Another example includes the prostate massage. Since a prostate massage is harder to do on your own, using a prostate massager and stimulator allows you to try a prostate massage with much more ease and comfort.

2) Give Your Hand A Vacation

What's a man to do when he's hot and ready to go, but his partner isn't around or in the mood? Using your hand to achieve an orgasm is great, but it would be nice to give your hand a vacation every once in a while. Sex toys give men the option of changing up the way they approach self-pleasure.

There are many sex toys that are designed to mimic the sensation of anal, oral and vaginal sex. Such toys give men the ability to masturbate in a unique way, thus enhancing the experience.

3) Pleasuring Your Partner

Men are notorious for finishing before their female partners. The beauty of introducing sex toys into sexual play is that your partner can continue to pleasure herself (or be pleasured) by a sex toy.

Let's say a man feels like they're going to finish before their partner. They can back away and substitute their penis for a vibrator ordildo. That gives them time to cool down as they simultaneously continue to pleasure their partner. Men can also use penis densensitizers that desensitize their penis. This allows them to go longer without worrying about finishing too soon.

4) Sex Toys Allow Men to Maintain Longer Lasting Erections

Think back to the section about sex toys not just being about you (the man). Even if you don't need help to achieve an erection, it doesn't hurt to be ready to go when your partner is in the mood. Many sex toys help men achieve longer, harder erections.

Penis rings are an excellent example of a sex toy that allows men to achieve erections for a longer period of time by constricting the blood flow to the penis. Penis rings also help men who have problems maintaining an erection for long periods of time. An added bonus of using a penis ring is that many of them have a vibration feature that enhances the experience for both partners.

5) Gaining A Better Understanding Of Your Body

Sex toys are an excellent way to fully explore your body. Some men, for example, may wish to explore anal play, but don't quite feel comfortable asking their partner to stimulate that area.

Sex toys allow men to quench their curiosity and experience sensations they've never felt before. They give men the ability to experiment with different forms of pleasure and also give men the ability to try new and exciting things, such as engaging in anal play without the fear of being judged.

6) Sex Toys Allow both You and Your Partner to Experience New Sensations

Even if you have a fantastic relationship with your partner, sometimes you might not completely fall in synch with each other when it comes to certain aspects of sexual play. For example, let's say your partner enjoys oral sex, yet you do not enjoy oral sex. Or, perhaps one person prefers a sexual position different from what you prefer.

No matter what you're missing from your sex life, there's certainly a sex toy out there that can "fill in the gaps" so to speak. For example, there are sex toys that mimic oral sex, anal play, etc. Essentially, sex toys provide a way for couples to enjoy their favorite sensations even if their partner isn't feeling up to the task.

7) "Good" Masturbation Sessions Become "Great"

Let's say your masturbation sessions are perfectly fine without the assistance of toys. So why would you bother wasting your money? Well, that's because sex toys turn your masturbation sessions from "good" to "great."

Sex toys are tools designed to enhance your sexual experience and pleasure. And if there's any one thing men specialize in, it's tools. Tools are used to fix cars, computers, prepare food, etc. Tools just make things better. So why not use a tool to enhance sexual enjoyment? Using the right tool for the job will most certainly lead to a more pleasurable masturbation session.

8) Buying Sex Toys Can Be Empowering

Society has tried to train men into thinking that masturbation is a thing to be ashamed of. Indeed, there are many men who experience feelings of guilt and shame while masturbating. Thus, it can be difficult to put yourself out there as a man to buy that first sex toy.

However, when that first purchase actually happens, you could say that a man undergoes a bit of a metamorphosis. Overcoming the stigmas of society allows a man to empower himself and take his self-pleasure into his own hands, no pun intended. It allows him to enjoy his time alone without experiencing feelings of shame and guilt.

Overcoming the Stigma

With so many high-quality male sex toys available in the market, more men than ever are breaking the stigmas society has put in place and are buying toys to enhance their sexual satisfaction and pleasure. Women may be ahead when it comes to openness with their sexuality. Yet, men are quickly catching up, and male sex toys can be thanked for that.

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