The Difference Between Adult Novelties and Sex Toys

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Adult sex toys can help keep your relationship fun and exciting. But not all toys are made equally. Is there a difference between adult novelties and sex toys?

YES . . . and NO!

First and foremost, those toys that have “For Novelty Use Only” written on the packaging should be viewed as such: a gag gift ONLY, which NEVER ventures near your genitals.

The sex toy industry in the US is completely unregulated.

No Regulation In The US. What Does This Mean To You?

The lack of regulation is sad – but true. What does that mean to you?

  1. When a new product comes out, it does not have to undergo testing in order to be sold. Instead, a company just starts selling it. Without testing, there is no way to know if the toy has risks associated with it.
  2. There are no regulations about what materials can and can NOT be used.
  3. There is no one to call if something bad does happen.

Compare this to medical treatments and devices which undergo several rounds of research and always come with information about potential side effects and contact information to report “adverse events.”

The ‘novelty’ label is the result of this lack of oversight.

Why Are Toys Called “Novelties”?

Some toys are called “Novelties” just because:

  1. It makes it less likely that a company will have to pay if you have a bad reaction to their product and sue them.
  2. The label distinguishes adult sex toys from medical devices. This requires both FDA approval and the extensive research and paperwork associated with such approval. It can take years and lots of money to get a product through FDA testing.
  3. Medical devices are taxed at a much higher rate than novelties.
  4. Companies may have a case of “everyone is doing it.” Because they see other companies, including those who’ve been around for a while, using such labeling, they follow suit.

Luckily, not all toys suffer from being a ‘novelty.’ An increasing number of manufacturers, like those featured at My Secret Luxury, are committed to promoting sexual pleasure AND health.

Premium Adult Sex Toys – What Does This Mean To You?

As with many things, a lot of cheap sex toys are produced in China because it’s so easy. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of Chinese sex toy manufactuers who are ready and willing to produce sex toys for very little money.

However, premium high-end luxury manufactuers don’t operate that way. The bigger, more known manufacturers, stick with manufacturing partners who understand high quality manufacturing with premium materials and appreciate the time and care that goes into researching and developing sex toys.

Unlike novelties, premium toys are made with medical-grade materials. Such materials have undergone extensive testing, are proven to be safe for your body, and have been used for medical purposes for decades. Think 100% silicone, hard plastic, medical-grade stainless steel, and borosilicate glass.

High quality sex toy brands also sell their products in Europe, where sex toys are actually tested. This means their products must meet the rigorous standards of the EU and undergo the associated testing.

When To Avoid A “Novelty” Toy

In general, you should avoid any toy with a ‘novelty’ label on the box. But of course, like many things related to sex, there are caveats.

State Laws

Your state’s laws may require all retailers to market their toys as “novelty use only.”

Texas and Alabama are two such states. This makes it hard to tell whether the product you buy is actually safe for your body or never meant to go anywhere in or near it.

The Word ‘Novelty’

Even the best manufacturers may still include the word ‘novelty’ somewhere in their language.

This primarily has to do with avoiding being penalized by the FDA and falling victim to “everyone else is doing it”-itis. These manufacturers, however, will include this language in their general disclaimer about the toy not being used for medical purposes rather than smacking in on the box in big letters.

How To Choose A Safe Sex Toy

Now that you have an understanding of the difference between adult novelties and those sex toys that are safe to use, how do you pick a safe one?

Choosing A Safe Sex Toy Tips:

  1. Stick with manufacturers who are known for maintaining rigorous standards for their products. Think Dame, Fun Factory, Je Joue, LELO, Lora DiCarlo, Lovense, Tantus, Tenga, Womanizer, and We-Vibe.
  2. Shop from stores that only offer body-safe high quality toys. Hint: My Secret Luxury is one of them!
  3. Avoid toys with any of the following characteristics:
    • Rough seams
    • A rubber-y, chemical smell (like that of a new shower curtain)
    • “Jelly” toys
    • See-through non glass toys
    • A lack of instructions

Now that you’re an educated consumer, you can focus on using high quality toys to enhance your sexual repertoire and relationship.

Why Choose A High-Quality Luxury Sex Toy?

Luxury sex toys are higher quality products. Would you rather have a smartphone or a flip phone? If price were no object, the answer is simple: you would want to have a smartphone.


There are more features, there’s more research that goes into it, and it’s made better. The same is true with high-quality luxury vibrators. They are:

  • made of body-safe materials (rather than toxic chemicals that are harmful to your body)
  • quieter
  • more powerful
  • rechargeable
  • waterproof
  • built to last a long time (and have warranties!)

Luxury sex toy manufacturers maintain rigorous standards for their products. They spend a lot of time and money on research and development. Thus, they stand by their products with at least one-year warranties.

High-quality premium vibrators do NOT have:

  • rough seams
  • a rubbery chemical smell like that of a new shower curtain
  • “jelly” materials/latex, which contains rubber

Luxury, quality, and safety come at a price! Remember: you get what you pay for when it comes to vibrators. High-end vibrators are made with body-safe materials. The best materials are non-porous and non-toxic. Medical-grade silicone is often used, which is excellent at transferring vibrations. Silicone sex toys come in many different textures and finishes. Other premium vibrator materials include Elastomed and ABS plastic.


You Get What You Pay For

Luxury, quality, and safety come at a price! Remember: you get what you pay for when it comes to adult products.

High-end sex toys and luxury vibrators are made with body-safe materials. The best materials are non-porous and non-toxic. Medical-grade silicone is often used, which is excellent at transferring vibrations and comes in many different textures and finishes. Other premium materials include stainless steel, borosilicate glass, Elastomed, and ABS plastic.