Thinking of Bringing a Sex Toy Abroad? Think Again

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Have you and your partner decided to head out for a long-needed vacation? If you are like most seasoned travelers, you will likely start the process by completing a list of necessities. Camera? Check. Swimsuit? Of course. Vibrator? Uh-oh. You may find it surprising, but in some countries, it is illegal to bring a buzzing buddy with you. Sex toy online purchasing is also not allowed. Where are sex toys banned?

Countries like Thailand, Vietnam, The United Arab Emirates, and even US states, such as Alabama, don’t allow sex toys in their territories. Local laws state that anything deemed obscene or indecent is illegal. The same goes for buying sex toys online or in-person, which may result in a fine, confiscation, or even imprisonment.

While ending up in handcuffs might sound a little risqué, it won’t be if it’s by the local police. To avoid having your romantic trip end behind-bars, we will review each location in detail.

Let’s get started.


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If you want to free yourself from the stresses of daily life, the turquoise waters and white sandy beaches found in the Maldives might be the perfect liberator. Sex toys, however, are forbidden, which local authorities consider as pornographic material.

  • Population: 393,883
  • Annual Visitors: 1.4 Million
  • Best Months to Travel: November - April


Image Credit: Sasin Tipchai / Pixabay

It might shock you to hear, but the sex capital of the world deems sex toys as obscene items, which technically aren’t allowed. Many tourists, however, have not had any issues. The reason they’re “banned” is to prohibit anyone from importing them for sale. If you do choose to bring along a sex toy, storage as well as the sex toy should be discreet.

  • Population: 69,131,183
  • Annual Visitors: 32 Million
  • Best Months to Travel: November - April


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Although Vietnam is known for being one of the largest electronics exporters in the world, they will not allow you bring an electro sex toy past their borders. Since 2011, according to the Vietnam Customs Department, you also can’t buy sex toys online either. Better to be safe than sorry.

  • Population: 97,026,260
  • Annual Visitors: 15.5 Million
  • Best Months to Travel: December - February


Image Credit: Engin_Akyurt / Pixabay

While Malaysia has recently seen a fair share of natural disasters, it still offers a great mix of activities. Whether you’re seeking adventure or luxury, sex toys, sadly, won’t be a part of this particular escape. The Malaysian Penal Code forbids selling and distribution of sex toys. Discreet shipping from an online sex toy shop is also not an option. The penalties? Up to three years of imprisonment, as well as hefty fines.

  • Population: 31,949,777
  • Annual Visitors: 25 Million
  • Best Months to Travel: June - August


Image Credit: David Mark / Pixabay

Ah, sweet home Alabama – unless you’re thinking of buying a sex toy during your trip. In that case, the skies won’t be as blue as mentioned in the song due to the Anti-Obscenity Enforcement Act of 1998. However, you can bring one with you when visiting, and you can also order sex toys online. Thankfully, there’s a loophole that allows you to claim one as a medical benefit by filling out a simple form.

  • Population: 4,908,621
  • Annual Visitors: 26.6 Million
  • Best Months to Travel: June - August

The United Arab Emirates

Image Credit: Neil Dodhia / Pixabay

If you mention the UAE to most people, their first thoughts spring spectacular images of towering skyscrapers and gold-clad cop cars. However, if you’re hoping to blend in by bringing along some luxurious sex toys – think again. Anything deemed as “explicit material” is likely to get confiscated at the border, not to mention possible prosecution.

  • Population: 9,848,370
  • Annual Visitors: 15 Million
  • Best Months to Travel: December - March


Image Credit: Simon Steinberger / Pixabay

The Bible may be the world’s oldest book, but on the other side of the equation is the Kama Sutra, the world’s oldest “erotic” book, which comes from India. Sounds like India might be a wild place to visit , right? While not officially “illegal,” the sale of adult products does rest in a sort of gray area, so be careful when shopping for sex toys. Discreet shipping of sex toys online is your best bet if you’re hoping to spice up your trip.

  • Population: 1,375,245,562
  • Annual Visitors: 10 Million
  • Best Months to Travel: October - March

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