Top 5 Best Wand Massagers and Vibrators 2022

Top 5 Best Wand Massagers and Vibrators 2022

Posted by Sexual Health Educator on 8th Mar 2022

See the top 5 best wand massagers, luxury vibrators, and sex toys for women for external stimulation chosen by a sex educator. Buy high quality luxury adult sex toys at My Secret Luxury!

Top 5 Best Wand Massagers, Vibrators, and Sex Toys for Women

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Top Picks For The Best Wand Massagers

Wand massagers, also known as magic wand vibrators, are discreet premium sex toys for women that are synonymous with power AND orgasms. Many also use these massage vibrators to relieve aches and pains from sore muscles. Learn more about wand massagers and see My Secret Luxury's picks for the best wand massagers and vibrators.

The Original Wand Massager

When you think of the wand massager, you might think of the original wand massager: the Hitachi Magic Wand (renamed Magic Wand Original). At the time, this wand massager was an electrical, AC-powered massager originally manufactured for body massages to relieve tension and relax sore muscles. It was very powerful due to the electrical power source. Wand massagers send satisfying vibrations through the skin, into the muscles and offer relief from aches and pains.

Of course, it was more famous for being used as an external sex toy stimulating the clitoris. In the late 1960s, sex educator, Betty Dodson, popularized its use as a vibrator and masturbation tool. The Magic Wand sold out after being featured in a 2002 episode of Sex and the City.

How Are Wand Massagers Different from Other Vibrators?

Most wand massagers are shaped like a microphone featuring a rounded head and a long handle. The head of some wand massagers bend and flex with your body making it easier to use and comfortable for every body type and shape.

Wand massagers are very discreet. As we mentioned before, although they started out as body massagers, they quickly became vibrators.

Vibration is focused in the head of the wand massager to deliver maximum stimulation to the clitoris. Due to the long handle, it is an excellent vibrator if you do not like your hand vibrating while holding a vibrator.

Modern Wand Massagers

Originally, wand massagers were:

  • Electric
  • Loud
  • Large

Due to new technology, some of the original qualities of a wand massager has changed. Now, they are either electric or rechargeable for those who want to be green or if you like to travel with your massager. More modern wand massagers are now designed to be quiet and come in lots of different sizes to fit your needs.

Although wand massagers and vibrators are intended for external use only (clitoral, nipple, or penis stimulation), wand attachments are available for internal stimulation. These wand attachments turn your vibrator into different types of wand sex toys to stimulate the G-spot, both the G-spot and clitoris and even stimulate the penis.

Lastly, some wand massagers can be remote controlled by your smartphone for local or long distance play.

How to Use a Wand Massager and Vibrator

Similar to using other luxury vibrators and sex toys for women, warm up and foreplay is necessary. The goal is to get the blood flowing to your genitals before you add vibration.

Wand massagers are excellent vibrators and sex toys for beginners or advanced users. The strong vibrations of a wand massager and vibrator have helped many people experience an orgasm who have never had an orgasm before.

Due to the very strong vibrations of a wand massager, make sure to not hold the wand vibrator in just one place for even a short period of time. We recommend that you keep your wand massager moving over your entire vulva, penis, and anus -- go in circles, or up and down, or left to right.


For some people, it can cause the feeling of numbness.

PLEASE NOTE: You are not damaging or desensitizing the nerves. If you experience a loss of sensation, we recommend giving your body a break from the powerful vibration.

If the wand massager is too strong for you when it's on the lowest setting, you can try to dampen the vibration by using a towel/shirt over the head of the massager.

The Top . . .

in 2022

BEST BUDGET: Magic Wand Original


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Known as the "Cadillac of sex toys" the Magic Wand Original is a classic wand massager and vibrator uses mains power, via a 6-foot cord, to deliver uninterrupted power.

The Magic Wand Original is very simple and easy to use with only 2 powerful speeds: strong (5000 rpm) and VERY strong (6000 rpm)! It's a great luxury vibrator for those who like a lot of pressure because of the long handle, which provides plenty of leverage.

With a quieter, lighter, flexible, and more durable head, the Magic Wand can be used as a clitoral vibrator or to soothe aching muscles all over your body (for up to 25 minutes at a time). The Magic Wand Original can also be used on the base of the penis during penetrative sex or masturbation.

There are a few different versions of the Magic Wand Original. If you want a wand massager that's rechargeable, you can try the Magic Wand Rechargeable.

There is also the Magic Wand Plus, which is an updated version of the Magic Wand Original. It has:

  • A classic corded design with removal cord for storage
  • A silicone head
  • An immediate off and on button
  • Variable speed with 4 levels of intensity



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Lovense Domi 2 is a very powerful mini wand massager with a flexible head that can be controlled by your smartphone for close-range or long-distance play.

Domi's reinforced flexible neck allows you to apply pressure however and whenever you want.

Domi's smartphone control makes solo play or long-distance play easier and more fun!

Domi 2 is a fully programmable sex toy for women, which can be customized to a wide range of vibration levels. The app allows you to choose a power level which matches your individual needs.

With the app, you can set up your luxury sex toy in minutes and turn your smartphone into a wireless remote control. Use for solo play or hand your smartphone to your partner as they pleasure you from across the room.

The app allows you to give control to someone who is far away. Simply have that person download the app and you add them as a friend. Then give them permission to control your toy from their phone. This excellent teledildonic sex toy will spice up any relationship!

BEST FLEXIBLE: Le Wand Massager


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Le Wand Massager is a body-safe wand vibrator with a sleek silicone head, a flexible neck, and rumbly varied vibrations. With 10 speeds and 20 vibration patterns and different attachments, you can have a different experience each time you use Le Wand.

Le Wand's textured covers that slip on to the top of the wand to vary sensation are multi-use, disposable and designed to provide varied sensations. Meanwhile, the weighted silicone attachments provide fuller sensation, stronger transmission of vibration, and the ability to heat and cool with warm or cold water. These attachments include weights throughout the body of the shaft to provide pressure for optimal stimulation.

If you prefer a smaller wand massager, Le Wand Petite is the smaller version that is powerful and flexible.



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Nalone Jane is two luxury sex toys in one! It is a unique rechargeable multi-purpose luxury vibrator and wand massager with two motors.

You can use the top motor as a powerful yet soft wand massager. The second motor on the bottom can be inserted to stimulate G-spot. The bottom of the Nalone Jane is flexible enough to bend in order to properly reach and stimulate your G-spot. Two powerful motors provide 7 vibration modes.



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The LELO Smart Wand 2 Vibrator is more powerful and completely waterproof wand massager and luxury vibrator.

Equipped with the latest SenseMotion technology, when your Smart Wand's head makes contact with your body, it starts vibrating harder and deeper. Unlike many other clitoral vibrators, power is not lost when pressure is applied to the vibrating head.

The Smart Wand has an extra-long handle so that you can reach anywhere and massage in a targeted manner. Used by either men or women, the handle of this luxury sex toy has an ergonomic design so that it is always firmly in your hand, no matter how you hold it.

This LELO Vibrator is USB rechargeable and is 100% waterproof.



  • Measures | 8.3" x 3.3" x 1.8"
  • Charge your Smart Wand Medium for 2 hours and it will last approximately 2 hours once charged.


  • Measures | 11.97" x 3.14" x 2.36"
  • Charge your Smart Wand Large for 2.5 hours and it will last approximately 4 hours once charged.

BONUS 1 - BEST MINI: Love Not War Koi


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Using only sustainable and body-safe materials, right down to the soy ink on the packaging, Love Not War eco-friendly vibrators make no compromises when it comes to your pleasure or the planet.

Made from locally sourced sustainable materials, in their custom-built green-energy powered factory, their sex toys are both safe for your body and the environment. Love Not War packaging is plastic free and beautifully minimal with no excess waste.

The Love Not War Koi Vibrator is an eco-friendly, sleek, and powerful mini wand massager with a fuller head that can stimulate a larger surface area -- your vulva and clitoris. You can use it for clitoral stimulation, nipple play, and all over your body. It's also perfect for body massages and relieving neck tension

Small yet powerful, this luxury sex toy for women is powerful, rumbly, and quiet. Featuring 4 speeds and 7 vibration patterns, Koi has deep rumbling vibrations that penetrate deep.

The control button is easy to reach and press when in use. The button also lights up when you press it, which is nice when you are playing in the dark. To change speeds or patterns, hold the control button for about 3 seconds.

The body of Koi is compatible with all Love Not War vibrator heads. All you need is 1 rechargeable battery for multiple toys.

BONUS 2 - BEST WAND ACCESSORY: Liberator Wanda Toy Mount


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Ergonomically designed to be used with any larger wand massager vibrator, the tapered and discreet piece of sex furniture comfortably cups your body for support in many different positions. Liberator's sex furniture gives you hands-free access to your wand vibrator.

The Wanda Toy Mount’s narrow body is perfect for straddling. The height of this sex pillow adds lift and easy access, whether you are standing or laying down, and is ideal for couples play.

The cover of the Liberator Wanda Toy Mount is velvety-soft and is machine washable with a waterproof liner underneath that prevents moisture from penetrating the foam interior.

All Wand Massagers, Luxury Vibrators

No matter which wand massager sex toy for women you choose, you won't regret it! Wand massagers are excellent sex toys and vibrators for beginners or more advanced users and are essential for everyone's toy box!

Thank you for reading this guide!