Valentine's Day Sex and Pleasure Statistics

Valentine's Day Sex and Pleasure Statistics

Are you looking forward to Valentine’s Day sex? You are not alone! As you know, Valentine's Day is about love, romance and finding pleasure with your partner!

Did you know twice as many people are doing some sort of sexual play on Valentine’s Day – and for 30% longer!? The free We-Connect™ by We-Vibe sees their number of uses more than double, and the average session is extended by nearly 5 minutes, compared to the average session.

According to We-Vibe, the We-Connect has been used more than 2.5 million times. On Valentine's Day, the number of users spike to 106% and the number of Valentine's Day sessions increase 131%!

We-Vibe has found that the average Valentine's Day session last for 20:57 - almost 5 minutes longer than the annual average!

The top cities that use the We-Vibe app is London, followed by Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and New York. It seems that the Aussies are very cheeky! However, Belgium has the longest stamina with 25:06 minutes, followed by France (23:19), the United Kingdom (22:50), Russia (22:43) and theUnited States (21:36).

In the U.S., the top cities with users are:

  1. New York
  2. Chicago
  3. Los Angeles
  4. San Francisco
  5. Houston
  6. Settle
  7. Denver
  8. Nashville
  9. Atlanta
  10. Miami Beach

The We-Vibe toys that use the We-Connect app allow you and your partner to experience pleasure and intimacy from anywhere in the world! The app was used across 229 countries/territories. In fact, 1 session in Antarctica was nearly 50 minutes. What a great way to stay warm!!

Valentine's Day is not the only holiday that encourages sex and pleasure. There is a 90% increase on Christmas and an 85% increase on New Year's Eve!