E-stim Electrosex

E-Stim Electrosex for Couples

If you and your partner are looking for some adventure in the bedroom, check out E-Stim or Electrosex for Couples! Whether you’re new to E-Stim or you consider yourself an expert, you will find something to exhilarate your senses. Stretch the boundaries with your lover and experiment with E-Stim Electrosex for couples at My Secret Luxury–it’s a fascinating twist you’ll both love.

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You’ve been bad–very bad–and you deserve a spanking…but not just any spanking! With an electric paddle from My Secret Luxury’s E-Stim collection, you can take your spankings to an electrifying new level! Add the Neon Wand for additional sparks–literally and figuratively. Your partner will feel tingling with every single touch, caress, or lick or you can turn it up a notch and really send some shock waves throughout your partner’s body. You’ll find this tantalizing duo online at My Secret Luxury.

Best E-Stim Electrosex For Couples

Did you know you can control all of your E-Stim/Electrosex toys with a remote control? Imagine the pleasure you and your lover will derive from a tingling jolt of electricity administered remotely–wherever you may be. While only compatible with certain brands, the remote-control option takes E-Stim out of your bedroom and anywhere you want! Check out the details online and make your purchases at My Secret Luxury.

Exciting and Sensational E-Stim Electrosex Products

With a nerve stimulator, you can set the pulse rate and pulse width to any setting you’d like. Attach the electrodes and feel the sensation–or turn up the intensity–it’s all up to you! For some added excitement, watch the digital display so you can anticipate when the next shock will be administered–the anticipation alone will titillate your senses. 

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Wanna play secret agent? Carry your attaché case filled with E-Stim toys and you’ll have your partner giving up ALL the top-secret information.  From the power tripper attachment that emits actual sparks when it comes in contact with your lover’s skin to the popular comb attachment which sends current through each tooth of the comb, you can count on hours of electric fun. Find your E-Stim Electrosex for couples kit online at My Secret Luxury. I spy a good time! 

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