OMGYES - Season 1

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OMGYES - Season 1

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Practical techniques to enhance clitoral pleasure, solo or as a couple. Over 60 short videos, 12 touchable simulations and dozens of infographics.

How does OMGYES work?

OMGYES is a digital video library of research on sexual pleasure and masturbation. After conducting research with more than 2,000 women, aged between 18 and 95 years, OMGYES created a resource in which real women, not actresses, share their stories and show their techniques. 

At your own pace, you can explore specific ways different women and their partners use many techniques for masturbation and pleasure. 

Each technique includes:

  • 50+ Short videos where women explain and demonstrate how these techniques work for them, how they discovered them, and why they feel so good
  • Instructions and info-graphics clarifying how exactly they work
  • The world's first touchable videos, where you can put what you learn into practice through touchable simulations on your phone, tablet or laptop/desktop and receive feedback
  • Tips & tricks

Who is OMGYES for? 
OMGYES is for women, men and couples, together or separately. It is for anyone who wants to learn more ways to make masturbation, touching the vulva and pleasure even better! Women use the site to explore new ways of touching themselves and guiding their partners, while men and couples add new tools and techniques to their sexual play toolbox.

How do I access the website? 
You can buy the subscription for OMGYES season 1 directly here, and we will send you an email with your access code within 24 hours. 
There are NO SHIPPING charges included with OMGYES.