Kegel Exercisers & Vaginal Dilators

Kegel Exercisers & Vaginal Dilators

Kegel exercisers go by many names: kegel balls; ben wa balls; geisha balls; jiggle balls; yoni balls; pelvic exerciser. However, all of these sex toys for women do the exact same thing: strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which run from your pelvic bone to your tail bone. They affect the vaginal opening, the uretha (and bladder control) and sphincter muscle. Kegel exercises make the pelvic floor tighter for more intense orgasms as well as improves your vaginal health.

Who doesn't want that?

For more information about Kegel Exerciers, see My Secret Luxury's article, What Are Kegel Exercisers?

Vaginal dilators are used in vaginal dilation therapy. Vaginal dilators help with painful sex due to menopause, cancer treatments, or vaginismus.

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