The Private Gym Kegel Exercise Program

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The Private Gym Kegel Exercise Program 

The Private Gym is the first FDA-registered kegel exercise program for men of all ages!

Everyone has pelvic muscles and everyone needs to strengthen their pelvic floor for better overall sexual health! The Private Gym Program targets, trains and strengthens the male pelvic muscles through a series of kegel pelvic exercises designed specifically for men.

Benefits of Kegels for men include:

  • Improved sexual performance
  • Reverses or prevents erectile dysfunction
  • Promotes urinary health (incontinence and overactive bladder)
  • Benefits prostate health by providing increased blood flow
  • Eases and prevents saddle sports trauma (pressure from bicycling or motorcycling)

How the Provate Gym works:

  • The interactive and follow-along program (either on DVD or online) guides you through a week-by-week training program designed by top doctors. Each week, the exercises become progressively harder as the training varies in how hard you squeeze your pelvic muscles, how quickly you squeeze, and how long you squeeze and hold the contraction.
  • Once you achieve initial pelvic muscle strength, you then add the resistance training - a resistance ring and weights. First, place the resistance ring on your erect penis and lift it up and down. (The soft ring weighs 2.5 oz., which is enough to strengthen the pelvic muscles.) As you get stronger, you then add the additional weight. 

After using the Private Gym, 75% of men reported harder and longer lasting erections and more than 90% noted improved sexual performance.

Use the The Private Gym Kegel Exercise Program to exercise the muscles that matter the most, the pelvic muscles, for better sexual health.

The Private Gym includes:

  • Resistance ring and weight
  • Storage case
  • Interactive DVD
  • Resource guide