Liberator Sex Furniture

Liberator Sex Furniture for Couples

Who knew furniture could be sexy?  My Secret Luxury customers, that’s who! Sex stools, perfect for various forms of oral sex; an inflatable bondage bed, for fun restraint play; or sex pillows in multiple styles that can offer deeper penetration or better positioning during oral sex are all available. You can find all sex furniture for couples online at My Secret Luxury, and we’ll discreetly send them to you for hours of sex play!

How will you use your sex pillow? You can use it as a headrest to support your neck, or to elevate your hips to make sexual positions and angles more comfortable. You can use it on the edge of the bed to make yourself more accessible to your partner, or as a booster during oral sex. Whatever you decide to do with your sex pillow, you can find a pillow of all different shapes and sizes online at My Secret Luxury. Purchase two and turn a pillow fight into a pillow delight!

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If you’re searching for a sex pillow and a sex ramp all in one, you’ve found it! The Liberator Wedge Ramp combo helps you get creative and comfortable, providing support and alleviating pressure on your knees, back, and joints. Use them independently or as a combo unit–it’s a versatile addition to your sexual repertoire. You’ll find this product and more Sex Furniture for Couples online at the best place for all items to enhance your sex life–My Secret Luxury!

Investing in a sex pillow? Why not purchase one with a pocket to hold the sex toy of your choice in place? Several of our Liberator Sex pillows feature one or two pockets to secure your sex toy for solo play or to use with a lover for mutual pleasure. You’ll find several mount pillows available online, so pick your favorite at My Secret Luxury!

The Best Liberator Sex Furniture Available Online

A sex stool can be a handy accessory in the bedroom. Made with or without handles, you can gently sit on the springy material while you move up and down on your partner or sex toy providing you with comfort and support. You’ll discover positions you may never knew existed, intensifying intercourse, oral sex, and domination play. Learn all about sex stools and other sex furniture for couples at My Secret Luxury.

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