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Buy High Quality Lubes & Oils Online

Wondering what can make your sexual experience more pleasurable, whether you’re alone or with your partner? A quality lubricant or oil from My Secret Luxury! At My Secret Luxury, we understand that a complementary item like a lube or oil can take a ho-hum sexual encounter to a memorable, gratifying adventure. Whether you are interested in experimenting with a new stimulating gel, gentle glide water-based lubricant, a slick silicone lubricant, or a sensual warming oil, we have just what you need to enhance your sexual playtime. Buy your lube or oil online at My Secret Luxury with complete confidence—your information is never shared, and our billing and shipping are inconspicuous. We value your privacy!

We Offer Sex Toy Cleaners, Lubes & Oils

Hey, don’t forget the toy cleaner! At My Secret Luxury, we offer the finest in anti-bacterial sex toy cleaning products to keep your toys sparkling clean and healthy to use, again and again. In addition to anti-bacterial sprays and powders, we also offer portable UV sanitizing sex toy storage—to give you a full range of options. Not sure which cleaner is right for your toys? Check our full descriptions and recommendations online and then purchase your lube, oils, gels, toys, and cleaner all in one convenient place—My Secret Luxury!

Maybe you’re ready to try anal sex, or you’re experiencing random vaginal dryness or looseness—we can help. At My Secret Luxury, we offer a multitude of fantastic lubes and oil products to heighten your sex life so you can confidently try new things with your significant other or make your sex more comfortable if you are experiencing some roadblocks. Lubes, oils, and gels are sensual and practical, so check out the varied line of products – lubes and oils online, we carry from Sliquid, Intimate Earth, and Sensuva. Our selection of lubes and oils is unmatched!

From Flavored Lubricants To Cooling Gels – We Have It All

Cooling gels, warming lubricants, pheromone candles, tightening gels, flavored lubricants, arousal oils, anal serums, and lubricants; whatever turns you and your partner on, we have it. Whether you use lubes and oils on a regular basis or you’re just getting introduced to new ways to play, My Secret Luxury can help you stock up for those intimate encounters. Order your favorite lubes and oils online and create your own cache of items that will certainly be YOUR secret luxury! Some of our popular products include – Promescent Delay Spray, ON Clit Arousal Gel, Roll On Pheromone Oil, Intimate Earth Vaginal Tightening Gel, Throat Relaxing Spray, Uberlube Silicone Lube, ON Clit Arousal Oil and Intimate Earth G Spot Stimulating Gel.

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