Male Chastity Belts

Male Chastity Belts

Looking online to buy a chastity belt for a male? You have come to the right place! My Secret Luxury has an assortment of male chastity belts so you can choose the one that speaks to you! We feature chastity cages made from light, hypoallergenic, comfortable materials, with built in vents and urination opening to let you still function freely. While you are restricted from having an erection or an orgasm while wearing your chastity belt, imagine the intensity of your orgasm once your beast is uncaged!

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How does a male chastity belt work and why is it fun? Constructed like a puzzle, the cage has separate pieces that lock together as well as rings and spacers for maximum comfort and an individualized fit. The cage is waterproof and is equipped with a padlock and keys to fully restrict your erection and to make you abstain from masturbation or intercourse. Give your partner the key for complete control of your sexual freedom–it’s a psychological turn on as well as a physical one! Get your chastity belt online today at My Secret Luxury.

Purchase The Best Male Chastity Belts For Men From MSL

Ready to give your partner the power? Hand over the key to your cock cage and let your lover decide when you are able to release the Kraken–setting you up for an all-consuming orgasm! Whether you relish a submissive sexual role or you want to heighten other erogenous zones on your body before actual intercourse, a male chastity cage can let you relinquish your role as the dominant partner. Try it–you might like it! Grab your male chastity belt from My Secret Luxury online.

Maximize Your Orgasms With The Best Male Chastity Belts Online

Have you ever craved something so much that when you actually got it, it was a million times better because you had to wait? Imagine wearing your chastity cage all day, thinking about an upcoming sexual encounter and not being able to do anything about it until your lover unlocks your cage. The build up, the tension, the desire–they are all increased to a level you might never experience without a chastity belt. Find yours today at My Secret Luxury!

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