Upscale Sex Toy Party Workshops and Sex Education Classes

Fun Sex Education for Adults! Learn about sex, sex toys and pleasure!

You've heard of a sex toy party, adult fun party and romance home party. My Secret Soiree is VERY different from other adult toy parties.

"The event was a hit! We felt comfortable and ready to learn. People were open to learning and talking about sexuality. It was wonderful to learn new information regarding sex and products in such a fun and nonjudgemental way.


"The event was so much fun! It was instant entertainment. The Concierge was knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. She was a pleasure to be around! I've had 2 My Secret Soirees so far! I love it and so do my friends!"


"I had never hosted or attended an event like this before and wasn't sure what to expect. It was amazing! We never felt pressured or uncomfortable. In fact, we had a blast and feel really enlightened, empowered, and excited."


How is My Secret Soiree Different?

  • Learn about sex and pleasure
  • High Quality Body-Safe Products
  • Trained Sex Educators
  • No Hard Selling
  • Sex Positive

Why host an event?

My Secret Luxury believes that everyone deserves pleasure in a healthy and high tech way. By hosting a sex toy party workshop or sex education class, you and your friends will discover that pleasure and sex toys do not have to be disgusting, cheesy or gross. My Secret Soiree offers you and your friends a different way to be informed and shop in a relaxed and nonjudgemental environment.