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Buy Pelvic & Kegel Exercisers For Men

When you consider the use of pelvic and kegel exercisers, you probably think they are just for women. However, men can also benefit! At My Secret Luxury, we know that strengthening the pelvic floor can benefit both sexes, resulting in improved sexual health. We offer a kegel exercise program geared just for men–one that can reverse or prevent erectile dysfunction, can help with overactive bladder or incontinence, and promotes prostate health. Don’t forget the added benefit reported by men using this Kegel exercise program–longer lasting and harder erections and improved sexual performance! Invest in your health and your sexual health–purchase your pelvic and Kegel exerciser sex toy for men online at My Secret Luxury!

Love motorcycle racing? Are you a cycling enthusiast? Enjoy long rides in the saddle on a horse? If so, you could have saddle sports trauma, or a compression of the nerves and arteries around your perineum–that space between your anus and your scrotum. The prolonged pressure on this area can result in problems with your pelvic floor, so tightening those muscles with The Private Gym can ease or prevent this discomfort. Get this FDA approved program for Kegel and Pelvic exercises for men at My Secret Luxury.

Improve Your Pelvic Discomfort With Kegel and Pelvic Exercisers

With exercises designed to train and strengthen your pelvic muscles, the Private Gym, an FDA approved Kegel program for men, is offered online by My Secret Luxury. If you are experiencing prostate issues, erectile dysfunction, or leaky bladder, this simple-to-follow program is for you! For men just interested in longer, stronger erections, multiple orgasms and more control, Kegel and pelvic floor exercisers can help there, too! Order your Kegel and pelvic exercisers online and we will discreetly ship right from My Secret Luxury.

A few things to keep in mind when picking out a male Kegel exerciser:

  • Make sure you’re using a toy that’s specifically designed for the anal area. This means it has a phalange or flared base that’s wider than the widest part of the toy that you’re inserting.
  • Use anal lubricant. The anus does NOT lubricate itself AND the skin is more sensitive. So, when you do not use anal lubricant, it won’t feel as good and it could also cause you to have small tears in the tissue, increasing your risk of infection. Anal lube is also thicker to help block infection, and it lasts longer than regular lube.
  • You can orgasm with or without an erection (or ejaculation). Most male Kegel exercisers are also prostate massagers. This means as you strengthen your PC muscles you’ll be able to stimulate the prostate, or the male G-spot, more and more. For many people, this leads to orgasm. You can even include a penis pump with your exerciser.
  • Do NOT use Kegel or ben wa balls. These are designed for vaginas and do not have a flared based.

You Can Watch Our Resource Videos Before Purchase

Unsure how to use your Kegel and pelvic exerciser? The Private Gym provides an interactive DVD and resource guide, along with the necessary resistance ring and weight and storage case. Designed just for men, you’ll find that by working your pelvic floor muscles, they will become stronger in just a few minutes a day, a few times a week! Isn’t that time commitment worth more intense orgasms?

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