Penis Pumps and Enlargers

Penis Pumps and Enlargers

For men that experience premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction (ED), penis enlargement pumps or vacuum constriction devices are great tools to help with keeping the blood flowing into the erectile tissue to create and maintain an erection.

The cylinder with a pumping mechanism is attached directly to the end of the penis. As air is pumped out of the tube, the resulting vacuum helps the penis become erect.

Penis enlargers, stretchers, and enlargement devices safely help you grow your penis without surgery with penis traction.

Please note: While penis enlargement pumps increase your penis girth and slightly enhance your penis length, these gains are mostly short-term. It takes several months of prolonged use of penis enlargement pumps to permanently change the size of your penis.

My Secret Luxury's high quality pumps are recommended by doctors and sexologists as an alternate solution for erectile dysfunction.