Touch Lube and Massage Oil Warmer


Touch Lube and Massage Oil Warmer

Touch is an automated dispensing system for warming your favorite personal lubricants and massage oils.

Elevate your experience of using personal lubricant during sexual play. With the Touch warming system, there will be no more slippery bottles, sticky nightstands, spills or losing contact to get more lube. Just wave your hand and your lubricant or oil magically appears.

Featuring patented Tender Technology, Touch warms liquids within two minutes to a silky, irresistible temperature. Sensual purple lighting guides the hand for easy use, day or night.

Enhance all erotic moments effortlessly and feel the difference that warm lube or massage oil makes. 

Touch holds 4 oz. of lubricant or massage oil.

Simply refill as needed.


  • Laser activated automatic dispensing right into your hand
  • Easy to fill and warms lubricant quickly
  • Compatible with all liquid lubricants and massage oils
  • Holds 4 o.z of liquid - simply refill as needed
  • 3 dispense settings
  • Purple guide-lighting for ease-of-use any time of day
  • Unique design with easy-to-fill tank, stabilized base, non-skid bottom, and washable drip-tray
  • Patented Tender Technology™ heats liquids within 2 minutes 
  • UL, TUV, CE, and SGS Certified with a one-hour safety auto-off