Prism of Pleasure: My Secret Luxury's proprietary review system

What is the Prism of Pleasure?

My Secret Luxury is a sex toy expert. We know luxury sex toys. We live and breath sex toys everyday.

The Prism of Pleasure saves you time. Your time is valuable and you don't have the time to read through many sex toy reviews. My Secret Luxury has done the work for you. We offer unique sex toy and vibrator reviews in the form of an easy to read and understand graphic. This distinctive sex toy rating system helps you better select the toys with the features that matter to you most.

My Secret Luxury has made the search and discovery process simple and intuitive for those who may be looking for sex toys for the first time as well as rewarding for those looking to push the envelope and try something new.

Our review system looks at sex toys across four dimensions:

    • Design: Is the toy discreet? Is it beautiful?
    • Eco-friendly: Is the toy rechargeable? Are eco-friendly materials used to make the toy? Is the packaging made with recycled materials? 
    • Innovation: What advanced features that make it different from all of the other toys in its category? Is it remote controlled? Is it programmable? Is it super soft?
    • Performance: How powerful is the toy? How loud is it? How many different vibration patterns does it have? How comfortable is it in your hand or to use? How durable is it? Is it built to last?

While we stand by all of the products that we sell, we do believe that some products have better features than others. Regardless, all of our products are body-safe and made with the best possible materials.

With any review, please remember that every body is different and what works for your friend may not work for you. 

My Secret Luxury has curated the best luxury sex toys for our discerning clientele. The Prism of Pleasure gives you sex toy reviews that you can trust.