Man Cage Chastity Belt and Lock Set


Shots Man Cage Chastity Belt and Lock Set

Restrict your penis from getting an erection and having an orgasm with a Man Cage Chastity Cage. Once freed from your chastity belt, your orgasm will be very intense. The Man Cage Chastity Cage gives the key-holder optimal power over sexual gratification!


This high-quality chastity cage and belt is manufactured from high-grade polycarbonate, which is a very light, durable, and hypoallergenic material.


The cage consists of three parts which fit perfectly together. The two guidance pins connect the top parts and the oval taper pin connects the rings with the cage. A variety of safe to wear rings in different sizes and distance pieces will allow you to create the perfect comfortable size for your penis.

The Man Cage chastity belts are equipped with a variety of vents and a urination opening for maximum hygiene.


A metal lock or tie-wrap lock can easily close the chastity cage. The included tie-wrap locks ensures that the cock cage will not trigger the alarm of metal detectors!


Lubricate the head and shaft of your penis. (Silicone lubricant is preferred.) Put the cage on your penis when it is completely relaxed.

PLEASE NOTE: It is very important to smooth any loose skin around the rings and cage for maximum comfort. It could also take up to 3 different tries to get the cage on. 


While in a relaxed state, hold your penis as far away from your body as possible and measure the diameter of the shaft. You should allow 1/8” clearance for hygiene purposes. Then measure the full size of your penis. A combination of pins, rings, and spacers will help you create the perfect fit.


  • Model 2 | 3.54″l x 1.77″d, 1.97″d, 2.17″d and 2.36″d 
  • Model 16 | 3.5″l x 1.4″d
  • Model 17 | 4.5″l x 1.4″d
  • Model 18 Ballsplitter | 3.5″l x 1.4″d
  • Model 19 Ballsplitter | 4.5″l x 1.4″d
  • Model 21 | 3.5″l x 1.4″d
  • Model 22 | 4.5″l x 1.4″d 


  • Classic adjustable cock cage chastity belt providing maximum comfort
  • Made of medical grade polycarbonate ABS plastic
  • Cage is vented, has urination opening and is easy to clean
  • Includes: cage; 5 ring sizes; locking pins and spacers, brass padlock & 2 keys; 5 individually numbered plastic locks; storage bag; numbered plastic locks 
  • Black zippered storage bag included
  • Made in the USA
  • 100% waterproof
  • 1 year warranty