Stash Sex Toy Storage Pouch by Dame Products


Stash Sex Toy Storage Pouch by Dame Products

Stash is a zippable sex toy storage pouch. Its inner pockets and elastics keep your products and cables organized, while its machine-washable liner keeps your toys and sex accessories clean.


Stash is machine-washable and features a stain-resistant inner liner, keeping you safe from harmful bacteria.

Lots of pockets

Stash has several inner pockets and elastics, making it perfect for separating and organizing your toys, lubes, condoms, charging cables, and anything else that you want to stash.

Zippered closure

A durable, heavy-duty zipper and convenient wrist loop make Stash a high-quality sex toy storage option.


  • Machine washable sex toy storage pouch
  • Many internal pockets and elastics
  • Heavy-duty zipper
  • Wrist loop

Measures | 6″ x 9″