Tenga Flip Zero Gravity Masturbation Sleeve

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Tenga Flip Zero Gravity Masturbation Sleeve

The Flip Zero Gravity is a modern and discreet masturbation sleeve that uses the finest premium materials and the most intricate internal texturing details with added suction for ultimate pleasure.


The difference between the original Tenga Flip Zero Masturbation Sleeve and the Flip Zero Gravity is in their design. The Zero Gravity has less pronounced but firmer internal textures. You will be able to thrust faster and more smoothly without losing sensation from the textured sleeve. The masturbation sleeve comes together more tightly at the bottom, increasing sensation at the base of the penis and preventing lubricant from leaking out during use.



When the pressure pads are squeezed, this luxury sex toy provides focused stimulation and creates an internal vacuum, which feels amazing!

EASY TO USE AND CLEANtenga-flip-zero-gravity-masturbation-sleeve-2.jpeg

The Flip Zero Gravity sleeve opens for easy drying. The Tenga Flip Zero Gravity has an integrated pivot and a flip-open hinge. The new integrated pivot improves insertion sensation with the hinge at the entry point.

It is also simple to use and easy to clean. We recommend only using water-based lubricant and sex toy cleaner



The Flip Zero Gravity stores in a transparent case for protection.


  • White
  • Black | Firmer material and bold details create even stronger sensations and suction.


  • Intricate nooks & crannies for extra stimulation
  • Suction design for added pleasure
  • Flip design makes it very easy to apply lubricant and clean
  • Excellent for solo or couples play
  • Re-usable up to 50 times
  • Clear case for storage
  • Made in Japan
  • 1 year warranty

Measures | 3″ × 3.6″ × 8.3″

Insertion Length Approx. | 6.3″

Insertion Width Approx. | 1.9″

Weighs | 1.6 lbs.