Tenga Spinner Masturbation Sleeve


Tenga Spinner Masturbation Sleeve

The Spinner masturbator and stroker has an internal coil within the double-layered structure, which makes the Spinner twist as you insert. The spinning sensation around your penis sends pleasurable sensations through your shaft with each stroke.


The Spinner can be turned inside out to be washed and reused, and also has a drying stand built in for hygienic drying. A lubricant sample is included. 

Spinner Types:

  • 01 Tetra | Features geometric tiles with mild edges
  • 02 Hexa | Features hexagonal tiles with pointed edges
  • 03 Shell | Features fanned tiles with firm edges
  • 04 Pixel | Features spirals of delicate, enveloping nodes
  • 04 Pixel Cool | Features spiraling nodes and menthol lotion intertwine for COOL sensations
  • 05 Beads | Features spirals of varied, alternating beads
  • 06 Brick | Features spirals of bold, impacting tiles like a complex crystal

We recommend using water-based lubricant and cleaning Spinner with sex toy cleaner

Perfect for couples or solo play and made with 100% body-safe materials, including elastomer plastic, the Tenga Spinner Masturbation Sleeve is a great product for everyone’s bedroom!


  • Body-safe elastomer plastic
  • Masturbation sleeve that twists as you insert your penis
  • Easy to clean and store

Measures | 5.11″ x 1.77″ x 1.77″

Insertion width | stretches to approx. 6.73″w x 2.15″d