Dream Analysis

Everybody dreams, but not all of us take advantage of the wisdom that we can gain by trying to understand what our dreams really mean. Through dream interpretation or analysis, we can assign meaning to our dreams, allowing us to get a better idea about what our unconscious self is thinking and feeling. Analyzing dreams can also allow us to explore the internal functioning of the brain and to learn many things about our lives. By exploring some of the most common dream themes, you can better understand yourself and your life through your own dreams.




Whether you are falling from the roof of a tall building or off the top of a cliff, dreams involving a significant fall can symbolize that you are dealing with some form of anxiety. You may feel that you are losing control of part of your life, specifically if you are having difficulties are work or in a relationship.


Feeling Trapped


Do you frequently dream about being stuck in a locked room, trapped in a car underwater, or being unable to get out of some other confined space? These themes can signify that you have some unconscious nervous or anxious energy about your life.

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Flying in your dream can mean a variety of things, depending on the characteristics of your flight. If you are soaring high, this may reflect that you are feeling powerful, content, and happy. However, if you are flying near the ground, you may be symbolizing your struggles in life and the feeling that you are constantly faltering.


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Being Chased


Being chased is one of the most common reoccurring dream scenarios, and it is typically associated with feeling some type of threat in your real life. Being chased can symbolize that you are anxious or worried about an upcoming event or situation.





Water can have a number of different meanings in a dream depending on the context. Dreaming of a calm body of water might symbolize tranquility and inner peace, whereas a raging river with dangerous waterfalls may reflect a sense of unease and fear about events that are going on in your life.