My Secret Soirée



My Secret Soirée Sex Toy Party Workshops and Sex Education Classes

My Secret Luxury is delighted to offer in-home sex education workshops and classes — whether with friends or one-on-one with an Educator — with My Secret Soirée.

My Secret Soirée is the premier resource for sex education. We deliver accurate sex education with a sex education workshop/class or a sex toy party workshop. Our events are educational with Sex Educators -- not pushy sales people, more sophisticated, and we offer the same unintimidating and upscale shopping experience of high quality adult products that you find online — but in the comfort of your own home.

Whether you require private one-on-one education with one of our sex educators or want a fun evening with friends at a sex toy party workshop or sex education workshop/class on a specific topic, Concierges will educate you and help you find the best high quality adult products that fit your needs — not theirs. 

Just like you will find at our online sex toy store, our Concierges bring the products to you so that you can touch and even taste the products all while educating you and your guests about sexual health and wellness and the benefits of using high quality luxury sex toys and accessories. 

We teach pleasure-based sex education to adults. Host an educational and fun flat fee workshop for bachelorette parties, adult birthday parties or a fun girls night. Our Concierges are professional educators who want to teach you all about sex, sex toys and pleasure.

How is My Secret Soiree different from other adult sex toy parties and companies?

1. Our Concierges are trained Sex Educators. Our Concierges are well-trained and possess a high knowledge of sex education and our products. They are not pushy direct sales representatives who happen to sell adult products. Our Concierges want to teach you about healthy pleasure -- not pressure you to buy our products. 

2. We feature only the best high quality luxury products.  My Secret Soirée is a great opportunity to view a large selection of products before buying. All of the products we feature are all made of body-safe, medical-grade materials. Many are also environmentally-friendly. The majority of our bath and body products, massage products, personal lubricants, and edibles are organic or all-natural and all are free of parabens, pthalates, and artificial colors or flavors. Read more about what are high quality luxury sex toys here.

3. ALL genders and ALL sexualities are welcome at our events. Sex education is not just for women. We believe that all genders and sexualities should also be part of the pleasure conversation. 

A better way to experience pleasure.

My Secret Luxury believes that everyone deserves pleasure in a healthy and high tech way. By hosting a sex toy party workshop or sex education workshop/class, you and your friends will discover that pleasure and sex toys do not have to be disgusting, cheesey or gross. A Secret Soirée offers you and your friends a different way to shop and be informed in a relaxed and nonjudgemental environment.

Soirées are great for Girl's Night In, Bachelorette Parties, Adult Birthday Parties, Couples Parties, Divorce Parties

For more information, see My Secret Soirée or to book with us, please contact a Concierge