Fleshlight STU Stamina Training Masturbation Sleeve

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Fleshlight STU Stamina Training Masturbation Sleeve

Perform better and last longer with the Fleshlight STU (Stamina Training Unit) masturbation sleeve and stroker. The Stamina Training Unit has a tighter feel and replicates sex, which can help you increase your sexual stamina, improve your performance and techniques, and heighten and intensify orgasms.


This masturbation sleeve is perfect if you have already experienced a Fleshlight, and you are interested in trying something new or want to try a tighter stroker. The STU can help you improve your sexual performance because of the heavily textured and stimulating sleeve. If you can last 10 minutes in the STU sleeve, you can last 20 minutes in real sex! 


Made of 100% safe phthalate-free, real-feel SuperSkin, the Fleshlight warms up to the body. The patented design allows the sleeve to stretch and press against the case during use, maintaining proper pressure, resistance and suction.


Several "vents" are built into the threads on the smaller end of the Fleshlight case to allow you to control the suction. Tighten the end cap for more suction or loosen the end cap for less suction. When the cap is loosened at its fully open position, there will be a minimal amount of noise.


Each Fleshlight case is designed to look like a standard flashlight. The sleeve can be easily removed from its case for easy cleaning. The Fleshlight case is perfect for storing your toy as discreetly as possible.

Available in:

  • Pink Lady STU | Realistic vaginal opening 
  • Pure STU  | Non-anatomical opening
  • Pink Lady STU Value PackThe Value Pack includes:
    • 1 Fleshlight Pink Lady Stamina Training Unit
    • 1 Fleshlube® Water 4 oz / 100 Ml
    • 1 Fleshwash Cleaner 4 oz/ 100 Ml
    • 1 Fleshlight Renewing Powder
    • 1 Fleshlight Shower Mount (With Flight™ Adapter) for hands-free use | Shower Mount is compatible with the standard Fleshlight case in all colors but clear

How do you use the Fleshlight? Remove the sleeve and heat the sleeve in warm water for a few minutes. (The material will retain the heat and friction will do the rest.) Replace the sleeve inside the case and generously lubricate yourself and the inside of the toy with water based lubricant. Adjust the end cap for the preferred amount of suction. 

How do you clean the Fleshlight? Rinse the sleeve and case with warm water. Do NOT use soap to clean your sleeve. Shake off excess water and allow the sleeve and case to dry completely. To maintain that soft feel, sprinkle a liberal amount of corn starch on the sleeve and shake off the excess powder. Once dry and powdered, place the sleeve back into its case.
  • Masturbation sleeve and stroker to help you last longer
  • Insert has more texture and feels more lifelike
  • Made with non-toxic phthalate-free, real-feel Superskin 
  • Patented discreet gold case design creates variable suction with simple end cap adjustment
  • Includes FREE e-guide for increasing your stamina
  • Made in the USA


  • Length: 9.75"
  • Insertable length: 8.5"