What Are Kegel Exercisers?

The one thing in Fifty Shades of Grey that no one is really talking about is how Christian Grey made Anastasia Steele use Kegel balls during a charity function. She was hesitant at first but then she enjoyed the experience.

What are Kegel balls?

Are Kegel exercisers the same thing as Kegel balls? Kegel balls are actually Kegel exercisers. Kegel wands do the same thing as Kegel balls but are one longer wand shape. These sex toys for women were intended to help women exercise and strengthen their pelvic floor muscles.

Is there a difference between Ben Wa balls and Kegel balls?

Although they do the same job, they are slightly different. Kegel balls are larger and have a string attached for easy removal.

What are pelvic floor muscles?

They are a set of muscles that support the pelvic organs such as the urethra, bladder, uterus and rectum.

Why is it so important to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles?

Besides increasing circulation and enhancing overall vaginal and rectal health, exercising the pelvic floor increases your sexual performance. Doing Kegel exercises makes it easier to achieve orgasm and increases the intensity of your orgasm. Who doesn't want that?

How do strong pelvic floor muscles increase sexual pleasure?

You are able to create a tighter "grip" and feel more friction. Exercise increases blood flow and awakens nerve endings so that you feel more sensation.


Besides having better orgasms, there are some added benefits of doing Kegel exercises for new or aspiring mothers:

    • Protects the vagina by learning to relax and control the muscles for labor and delivery
    • Sets the stage for a swifter postpartum recovery
    • Helps vagina to regain tightness after childbirth

Let's not forget older women. Kegel exercisers can benefit these women:

    • Prepares the body for an easier menopause
    • Improves vaginal wall thickness
    • Increases natural lubrication

How do you use Kegel Balls? 

Put them inside without lubricant. Stand up. Gravity makes the balls want to come out. Squeeze the muscles together to keep them from falling out.If a string is attached to the ball(s), it adds resistance training. Use the string to pull them out, and clench the muscles to prevent them from leaving the body.

How do you use Kegel Exercisers or Wands? 

With the exerciser or wand inside, try lifting it by squeezing the muscles. Most exercisers have a bulbous end that is similar to a ball on a string. Try pulling the exerciser out using your muscles to resist.

All women should experience the joys of Kegel balls or Kegel exercisers. If nothing else, try something new and experience some new sensations. You never know-you just might like it!