What Are Phthalates?

Phthalates have been used for about 100 years in every type of product you can think of. They are a group of chemicals added to hard plastics to soften the plastic and make them more flexible. Although banned in many products already, many sex toys still use phthalates as an inexpensive way to soften the plastic.

These chemicals are not meant for consumer products, especially the products that come in contact with your body. 

Have you ever had chronic baterial infections, irritation, and STD symptoms but not have an STD? If you can answer, "Yes" to this, that means that you have been reinfecting yourself with bacteria or fungus from porous toys that contain phthalates.

Some studies have also shown that high doses of exposure to phthalates can change hormone levels and mimic estrogen, cause birth defects, cancer and other diseases.

Since so few studies exist using sex toys and there are no specific labeling requirements in the sex toy industry, it is best to avoid those toys. 

Our Pledge

Unlike the cheap toys, luxury sex toys do not contain phthalates. My Secret Luxury values our customers and their time. Therefore, we have researched all of our products and will not carry any products that are known to contain phthalates or other toxins.