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Buy The Best E-Stim Electrosex For Women

E-Stim or Electrosex may sound like weight loss program or a new-fangled vacuum cleaner, but instead, E-Stim, also known as Electrosex is a form of sexually stimulation using electricity. E-Stim gadgets are designed to send small pulses of electricity to nerve centers via your skin, creating varying forms of sensations. E-Stim vibrators from My Secret Luxury offer different speeds and vibration levels, resulting in a unique experience each time you use yours.

It’s a shocking experience, for sure—but it’s supposed to be! The electrical current that runs through your body will intensify the pleasure system in your brain, often resulting in an all-over tingling feeling. Indulge in something new and truly tantalizing with your partner—buy an E-Stim or Electrosex sex toy for women plaything online!

Shop For An E-Stim Electrosex With Multiple Features & Enhancers

E-Stim, which stands for electronic stimulation, can be a very pleasurable experience for you and your partner. While not designed for people with Epilepsy, heart conditions, or those who are pregnant, for others, E-Stim can be an electrifying addition to your sexual escapades—both literally and figuratively! The E-Stim vibrators and conductivity enhancers offered by My Secret Luxury are made to gently introduce electronic pulses into your body to heighten your sexual experience.

For advanced E-Stim play, the Cluster Buster starter kit is a must—a remote control feature that can operate up to eight different E-Stim toys at one time, culminating in a fun, shocking adventure neither one of you will soon forget making it the best sex machine! And if you prefer maximum intensity, hit the “shock button”—sending waves of electricity at varying speeds to each compatible toy that’s attached to the remote-control device. Easy to use and discreetly shipped and packaged, you and your lover will enjoy E-Stim toys from My Secret Luxury. You can add a clitoral pump to your purchase to intensify the orgasms even more!

Some Do’s and Don’t For Beginner E-Stim & Electrosex Users

Here are some common do’s and don’ts that you can follow when using your e-stim or electrosex for the first, or any other time.


  • When starting out, experiment with your hand first before your genitals.
  • Make sure to communicate and set ground rules before you begin.
  • Turn the toy on slowly going through all of the modes.
  • When you are ready to use the toy on your genitals, make sure to use a generous amount of water-based lubricant.
  • Turn the e-stim toy off. Remember: Always turn off the current before you let go of the toy.


  • Neither you or your partner should wear rings or metal bracelets.

Get Remote-Controlled Options & More

Did you know you can control all of your E-Stim/Electrosex toys with a remote control? Imagine the pleasure you and your lover will derive from a tingling jolt of electricity administered remotely–wherever you may be. While only compatible with certain brands, the remote-control option takes E-Stim out of your bedroom and anywhere you want! Check out the details online and make your purchases at My Secret Luxury.

With a nerve stimulator, you can set the pulse rate and pulse width to any setting you’d like. Attach the electrodes and feel the sensation–or turn up the intensity–it’s all up to you! For some added excitement, watch the digital display so you can anticipate when the next shock will be administered–the anticipation alone will titillate your senses.

Spice Up Your Sex Life With E-Stim Electrosex For You and Your Partner

Wanna play secret agent? Carry your attaché case filled with E-Stim toys and you’ll have your partner giving up ALL the top-secret information.  From the power tripper attachment that emits actual sparks when it comes in contact with your lover’s skin to the popular comb attachment which sends current through each tooth of the comb, you can count on hours of electric fun. Find your E-Stim Electrosex for couples kit online at My Secret Luxury. I spy a good time! Add fun adult games to your electrosex purchase for an, even more, fun sexual experience!

Quench Your Sexual Thirst With High Performing E-Stim Vibrators 

Used alone or as part of a couple’s erotic interlude, E-Stim or Electrosex can turn up the heat. From a slight tickle to a strong sensation, E-Stim will definitely live up to its name—electronic stimulation. At My Secret Luxury, we feature E-Stim vibrator toys perfect for anyone who likes heightened pleasure. Buy your E-Stim or Electrosex toy online for any beginner sex toy purchase at My Secret Luxury and feel the future of sex play.

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