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Wearable Vibrators

Vibrators have certainly evolved over the years, and technology has added a new wrinkle to sex play. At My Secret Luxury, we have wearable vibrators that are virtually invisible, and that can be controlled by your smartphone or computer. Taking a trip? Pack your lipstick-sized bullet vibrator that you can wear just about anywhere, without anyone knowing. Lover in a different state? Have your partner download the app and then you can turn over control so your wearable vibrator can be activated from anywhere! There are so many options with wearable vibrators including remote-controlled ones, from small, sleek versions to panty skimmers to larger, insertable vibrators that simultaneously stimulate externally, too. You’ll love your wearable vibrator from My Secret Luxury; purchase yours online today.

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Wearable vibrators are very versatile and can be used during solo play, during penetrative sex, and even as a remotely controlled sex toy. The options are only limited by your imagination as they are one of the best vibrators we offer! Use your BlueTooth to connect to your vibrator and take your play discreetly out in public, or entice a long-distance lover by handing over your pleasure control. Some of our popular products include:

Your smartphone can be used as a real-time remote control for your vibrator, or have your lover download the app to take charge.

Review all of the wearable vibrator options online at My Secret Luxury.

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Slip a thin, super quiet vibrator into your panties for all day excitement, or let your lover control the action and use it as foreplay. You can either use the external panty liner vibrator that can be controlled by ambient noise, like music or speaking voices or an insertable vibrator that can internally keep you squirming all day long. At My Secret Luxury, the options for wearable vibrators are so fun, you’ll have trouble picking just one! Check them all out online at My Secret Luxury, purchase your favorite, and then share your sexy secret with someone you’d love to tease! You can also buy Bluetooth vibrators with MSL.

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Your wearable vibrator has a discreet design, which makes it suitable for use in both private and public settings. You can use these products in secluded outdoor spots or more public places, like movie theaters. You can use remote controls or smartphone apps to adjust the setting or hand over the control option to your partner. You can experiment with the intensity to find the ideal setting for erotic excitement while maintaining your composure in public.

Your wearable vibrator panties come in different styles, and the best part is that they’re not limited to being worn. You can take the vibrator out and use it all over your body. Both you and your partner can use the vibrator for stimulation during the couple’s play or masturbation.

The wearable vibrator works when you control it through a remote, apps, or smartphones to provide stimulation, fun, teasing, and excitement. It is designed to be worn in your underwear, either in private or public spaces. Its upper side targets your stimulation, and the lower side has charging elements, a magnetic plate, or a button based on the wearable vibrator you choose.

A wearable vibrator is a sex toy that can be worn effortlessly during sex, in a private space during masturbation, or a public space for fun. It’s a hands-free toy that helps you experience sexual pleasure, either alone or with your partner. In general, it’s equipped with a remote control or an app for easy, discreet control.