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Best Lubricant Variety Packs

When searching for lubricants for bedroom play time, it’s important to know that not all lubricants are used for the same purposes. Just like you wouldn’t put olive oil in your car’s engine, you want to make sure you’re using the correct lubricant for your sex play. Some are not compatible with toys, or condoms, or water, so before you decide which one you want, it is important to know how you will be using the product. At My Secret Luxury, we have a great solution to this problem–a lubricant variety pack from our collection of lubes and oils! Get all the lubes to get the job done, whether it’s for water play, self-gratification, or just as a daily moisturizer. At My Secret Luxury, we have them all!

Find Lubricant Variety Packs For Less Than $20

For less than $20.00, you can own a variety pack of quality lubricants! Imagine the fun you can have trying out the different items–it’s a new adventure everyday! At My Secret Luxury, we have a variety packages of lubricants for every occasion–check them out and find your favorites.

We Offer Variety Packs With Up To Over 20 Flavors!

If you’re looking to add a little flavor to your lovemaking, try a variety pack of flavored lubes from My Secret Luxury. In tantalizing flavors like Green Apple and Cherry Vanilla, these lubricants are the perfect enhancement to that special time with your lover. In the variety pack we offer, you can try four different flavors–a total of 12 tubes of lube to sweeten your play time. Find them online at My Secret Luxury.

Just trying lubricants for the first time? Grab a variety pack, including a daily moisturizing lube, a silicone based lubricant, a water based lubricant, a hybrid water/silicone product, and a water based lube infused with nature’s best ingredients. Or, if all organic lubricants are more your speed, My Secret Luxury features a variety pack that is paraben and glycerin-free, specially blended with certified organic botanical extracts that you can use as sensitive lubes. These lubes are so gentle and offer such a smooth glide, you’ll wonder how you ever had sex without them!

Purchase Your Lubricant Variety Pack From MSL Today

Sneaking away for a sexy trip? Don’t forget to slip a variety pack of lubricants into your carry-on luggage! These tubes are small enough to be inconspicuous, but large enough to spice up your love life! Pack ‘em all; you and your partner can make it a trip to remember with a variety pack of lubricants from My Secret Luxury.

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