Lovense Gemini Vibrating Nipple Clamps


Gemini Vibrating Nipple Clamps

Adjustable Dual Vibrators

Feel maximum pleasure by controlling the pinch strength and vibration intensity of the two motors, from weak to super-powerful.


Carry Gemini around your neck or clip them on your bra. Go out and have fun with hands-free play.

Unlimited Play Styles

From foreplay, roleplay, to light BDSM, you can incorporate Gemini nipple clamps into your routine with Lovense Remote app!

You can easily pinch any types of nipples
and any part of your body!

Feel pleasurable pressure by adjusting the pinch strength with the screws.

Add vibration patterns and intensity to edge yourself until you orgasm!

Powerful Dual Motors

Wear them however you want

Clip the vibrating nipple clamps onto your bra or wear them around your neck. Carry them discreetly and go out for new adventures.

Get access to unlimited possibilities

Self Pleasure

Explore Lovense Remote app to experience new sensations.

Long-Distance Sync

Control the toy with Lovense Remote app or one of the long-distance sync toys (Nora, Max 2 or Calor).


The nipple clamps are great for seamlessly bridging the gap from vanilla sex to light BDSM.


Charge the battery effortlessly.

IPX6 Water-Resistant

Keep the nipple clamps clean easily.


Pick your favorite color and pattern and save them on the toy.

Close-Range Control

Long-Distance Control

Unlimited Vibration Patterns

Sync to Music

Sound Activated

Set Vibration Levels

1.5 – 2 Hours of Continuous Use

Body-Safe Materials

IPX6 Water-Resistant

3.5-4 Hours of Continuous Use

Body-Safe Materials

IPX6 Water-Resistant

What’s included:

Bluetooth® Vibrating Nipple Clamps x1

USB Charging Cable x1

User Manual x1

Storage Bag x1

Optional Bra Clip x1

Optional Necklace x1