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Buy The Finest Remote Controlled Vibrators Online

The electronics age is upon us, and with drones, R/C toys, and robots all the rage, why not a remote-controlled vibrator? At My Secret Luxury, we’re all about advancing technology, especially when the end result is pure pleasure! We feature all different types of remote-controlled vibrators, from discreet, compact external vibrators worn in panties for all-day play, to Bluetooth vibrators to full-sized rabbit vibrators for solo or couple’s play. Find your fun among the best vibrators at My Secret Luxury for the finest in remote-controlled vibrators.

Control Your Pleasure With The Sneaky Remote-Controlled Vibrators

Having a long-distance relationship can be a chore, but it doesn’t have to be abore. Delight your long-distance lover with a remote-controlled vibrator, one that can be controlled from near or far. Hook it up to a BlueTooth and use the LED light to participate in some webcam action, and the lights synchronize with the vibrations so your partner receives visual feedback. Or, for solo play, pre-set your favorite vibration patterns. You’ll never look at a remote control the same way ever again!

Get Waterproof & Powerful Remote Controlled Vibrators 

Love being naughty in public? You’ll love using a remote-controlled vibrator, designed to be worn inside your panties. No one will ever know the delightment you’re experiencing because these vibrators are super quiet, but very powerful. Wear it all day and control it yourself to build up excitement for an encounter with your lover, or let your partner have the remote control and feel the tingle associated with relinquishing control. You’re sure to have a blast! Get your remote-controlled vibrator from My Secret Luxury.

Turn your bath into your own private whirlpool when you bring one of the waterproof vibrators from My Secret Luxury into the water with you! Many of our remote-controlled vibrators are fully waterproof, so they lend themselves to hours of tub or shower fun. Find one online at My Secret Luxury and turn bath time into play time. Try the We-Vibe Nova 2 Vibrator or the Ose 2 Stimulator by Lora Dicarlo.

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