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Silicone Dildos

Luxury Medical Grade Silicone Dildos

When you're looking for a sex toy, one of the most important aspects is what it's made of. Some adult toy companies in the industry are more concerned about making money than your health and promote and sell toys that are made from harmful materials. You should stay away from any toys that are made from jelly, rubber, PVC, or vinyl. These materials are either porous (meaning they easily hold bacteria) or contain phthalates (linked to a plethora of reproductive health issues).

Instead, focus your sights on sex toys that are made from non-porous, non-toxic, durable, easy to clean materials. These include medical-grade silicone, wood, stainless steel, and glass. Products made from these materials are great for anyone with sensitive skin or allergies and are generally more hygienic than their counterparts. Another plus? Safe toys lead to a better, healthier, more pleasurable experience - whether you're playing solo or with a partner.

The magic of a silicone dildo

If you prefer softer toys with tons of flexibility, then a silicone toy is right up your alley. This is especially true if your ideal toy is a dildo or anything intended for penetration. The smoothness of silicone is perfect for realistic toys that mimic the look and feel of a real penis. Silicone is also an amazing option for non-phallic toys of all shapes and sizes.

One of the greatest things about silicone is that you have a million options to choose from when it comes to color, shape, size, length, and function. You don't have to limit your sex life (or love life) at all! Need a silicone dildo that's designed to hit the G-spot perfectly? There's a product for you. Want a toy vibrator that's still waterproof or water-resistant? You're sure to find what you're looking for.

Silicone dildos are great for solo play, couple play, and even group experiences. Any sensual, sexual, or passionate moment you can think of can benefit from the addition of a supple, not-too-firm silicone sex toy. If your goal is orgasm or intimacy, silicone dildos are definitely the way to go.

You can find the toy of your dreams, no matter your preference or fantasy. The choice is always yours. If your partner has a prostate, silicone dildos are wonderful options for pegging and prostate play. If your partner has a vagina, the silky feel of silicone is perfect for clitoral stimulation that's both stimulating and gentle enough for sensitive areas. You can even use a silicone dildo as stimulation during nipple play.

The benefits of silicone dildos

Medical grade silicone dildos:

  • Are easy to clean - You can use a sex toy soap to wash your toy and non-vibrating toys can even be boiled for 3-5 minutes to sanitize them

  • Won't grow mold or harbor bacteria or yeast - Medical-grade silicone is designed to be safe for the human body and is both non-toxic and resistant to bacterial growth.

  • Are hypoallergenic - Most people aren't allergic to medical-grade silicone, but cheaper materials like latex often cause allergic reactions that can be life-threatening.

  • Tend to have more "give" than harder materials like metal or glass - If you prefer flexibility, silicone toys come in a variety of firmness levels. You can choose a toy that is ultra-firm, but you'll still be able to enjoy the softer, gentler feel of the silicone, especially during thrusting. Toys like metal and glass don't have any "give" or flexibility.

  • Come in a variety of textures, colors, shapes, and sizes - Want a ribbed toy? Something realistic, with that familiar phallic balls and vein? Or maybe, you prefer a toy that's brightly colored and fun. Silicone toys can be found in whatever style or size that you're looking for.

  • Can be used for temperature kinks - If you like to play with temperature, silicone is a great choice. You can heat up the toy in your hand or using warm water, and even pop it into the fridge for a few minutes for a more “chill” experience.

  • Are safe for use with latex condoms - Since silicone does not contain any mineral oils, they are safe to use with latex condoms. You can also use water-based or oil-based lubricant with these toys, but oil-based lubricant can break down latex. Be careful to only use oil-based lubricant if you are not also using latex condoms.

  • Usually harness compatible and anal safe - Silicone is usually safe for anal play, for both men, women, and those who identify otherwise. Many toys are also harness compatible, perfect for strap on sex and pegging.


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