AH! YES Plant Oil-based Lubricant 4.7oz

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AH! YES Plant Oil-based Lubricant

AH! YES plant oil-based personal lubricant is made with rich oils and butters is designed to enhance pleasure and replenish natural moisture without masking the skin and senses. Thoroughly researched, responsibly formulated with original, natural and certified organic ingredients, including Aloe, AH! YES has the power to change your world from the inside.

All AH! YES products are certified organic and are designed to be hypoallergenic, ultra-sensitive and without side effects. They are also not made with hormones, parabens, glycerine, perfumes or petrochemicals. They researched, investigated and tested many potential ingredients during development. AH! YES believes that their resulting formulations are unrivaled in terms of purity, performance, and benefits.

Benefits of AH! Yes Soothing Plant Oil Natural Lubricant

– Long-lasting formula: Natural alternative to silicone lubricants.
– Emollient: Natural plant oils create a protective barrier for sore, dry tissue while providing soothing relief.
– Pleasure enhancing
– Gynecologist recommended: Widely recommended by gynecologists and sexual health professionals.
– FDA cleared: 510k medical device.

Understanding Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness (vaginal atrophy) can affect women at any stage of life, Women’s Health estimates that 17% of all women will experience vaginal dryness. Vaginal dryness is common for women experiencing menopause and perimenopause symptoms, in fact the National library of Medicine estimates this could be as high as 90% of post menopausal women!

Vaginal dryness can cause itching, burning, dryness and pain during sex or day-to-day life. It can significantly affect a woman’s quality of life, and some may struggle with sex and intimacy as a result. AH! YES® OB can provide soothing relief from dryness and itching associated with vaginal and vulval dryness.


  • Luxurious natural lubricant made with rich, nourishing oils and butters, giving lasting lubricity and comfort
  • Pure, organic plant oil-based alternative to silicone lubricants
  • Long-lasting smooth glide for increased ease and pleasure
  • Doubles as an intimate lubricant and a sensuous massage oil
  • Moisturizes and nourishes delicate intimate tissues
  • Soothes and conditions the skin, so no need to wash off
  • Hypoallergenic: formulated to minimize the risk of allergies
  • Not made with synthetic ingredients, chemicals, and preservatives
  • Gynecologist recommended
  • Compatible with silicone toys and perfect for water play
  • AH! YES is NOT condom compatible

Ingredients: It’s What’s Inside That Counts

Sunflower seed oil, Shea butter, Sweet almond oil, Cera Bees wax, Cocoa seed butter, Vitamin E

AH! Yes Soothing Plant OIl Based Lubricant Ingredient - Organic Butters

AH! Yes Soothing Plant OIl Based Lubricant Ingredient - Vitamin E

AH! Yes Soothing Plant OIl Based Lubricant Ingredient - Almond Oil