Bijoux Indiscrets Satin Blindfold


Bijoux Indiscrets Satin Blindfold

Cover your eyes and rediscover your senses – sound, smell, taste and especially touch with the Bijoux Indiscrets Satin Blindfold! Bijoux Indiscrets Satin Blindfold is a piece of BDSM equipment or bondage gear that will keep you in the dark – waiting – wanting – begging for more. Shhh…and relax. The best is yet to come!


Specially designed to contour the shape of the face for a snug fit, “Shhh” is inscribed on the front of the blindfold.


This eye mask is made of super soft and silky satin and is 77″ in length. This satin blindfold can also be used as sexy ribbon restraints.


  • Soft satin blindfold that doubles as restraints
  • Contoured for a snug fit
  • “Shhh” is inscribed on the front 
  • Measures | 77″