PULSE SOLO Interactive Masturbator by Hot Octopuss


PULSE SOLO Interactive Masturbator by Hot Octopuss

The Pulse Solo Interactive is an innovative masturbator or vibrator for men, which enables you to have a hands-free orgasm whether your penis is flaccid or erect while watching your favorite interactive content.

Connect it to your smartphone App and you or your partner can control the sensations remotely. Alternatively connect directly to your partner’s interactive enabled device and direct their action straight from your toy.

Whether flaccid or erect, Pulse is one of the most powerfully versatile hands-free sex toys designed for male masturbation and anyone with a penis.


This male vibrator is small, light, and discreet. It is made with black matte silicone and features the PulsePlate on the base, with two flexible “wings” that curve upwards around the shaft.

Pulse is the first male sex toy to use powerful, high-amplitude oscillations to stimulate a man’s most sensitive area of the penis: the frenulum. Read more about the male anatomy.

A man does not need to have an erection to use the Pulse frenulum vibrator. A man can feel what it is like for a toy to make him hard. This is an excellent toy for men who experience occasional erectile dysfunction (ED).


Connect your Pulse to one of over 4000 interactive videos (2D or VR) on a range of different content platforms. Feel every movement made by your favorite stars, mimicked through the oscillations on your Pulse Solo Interactive.


Navigating the new world of interactive pleasure is easy and safe. Use the mobile app to connect with friends, make video calls, watch interactive videos, and control Kiiroo bluetooth enabled devices.


Powerful, high amplitute oscillations delivered by PulsePlate Technology directly into your frenulum for amazing orgasms.


Connect to your partner’s Kiiroo compatible devices from anywhere in the world or via Bluetooth for close up play. Feel every movement they make. Share your pleausre with them through the FeelConnect mobile app.




Pulse Solo Interactive’s innovative design and use of the PulsePlate Technology means there is no need to stroke. Simply hold it in place, connect the FeelConnect App and let it do all the work. Alternatively, add lube to transform your Pulse into a stroking masturbation toy. The choice is yours.

Unlike a stroker, you do not need to manually move the Pulse for it to work. As long as the PulsePlate is in the right place, it can take you from flaccid to orgasm, even if you cannot get erect!

For some people, the Pulse will grip on with no help, but depending on your build and what position you are in, it might need some help staying in just the right place though.

This hands free male masturbator can be used with or without lubricant as a static masturbation toy:

  1. Use water-based lubricant and lubricate the penis. Slide the penis inside the wings or simply spread the wings to position the penis making sure that the frenulum is pressed against the PulsePlate. You can also use your Pulse as a traditional masturbator, which is perfect for stroking.

  2. Use NO lubricant and insert the penis with the frenulum pressed against the PulsePlate. Use Pulse as a static masturbation toy without stroking. Place the flaccid penis inside the toy and press the frenulum against the PuslePlate. As your penis gets hard, the wings of the toy will expand until the toy fits snugs around the penis.

Used either way, the PlusePlate provides stimulation directly to the frenulum. This is a sensation unlike any other and results in more intense and extended orgasms thanks to the unique placement of the toy’s stimulation points.



With the Pulse Solo Interactive, you can even enjoy masturbation without erection. Simply put your flaccid penis into the toy and let the PulsePlate do all the work. This also makes PULSE SOLO the perfect sex toy for those with erection problems (ED) or senior sex toy for older people who need extra help to get erect.



Navigating the new world of interactive pleasure is easy and safe. Use the mobile app to connect with friends, make video calls, watch custom interactive videos, and control Kiiroo compatible Bluetooth-enabled devices.



Download the FeelConnect app from the App Store or Google Play Store and begin your experience. Alone, together, or connected over Bluetooth or WIFI.



Connect your masturbation toy to one of over 4,000 interactive videos (2D or VR). Feel every movement made by your favourite stars, mimicked through the oscillations on Pulse Solo Interactive.



If you are in a long-distance relationship then this toy can blow both your minds at the same time – simply connect your Kiiroo compatible toys via Bluetooth or WIFI for double the fun.



Powerful, high-amplitude oscillations delivered by its patented PulsePlate Technology with 6 vibration patterns. Pulse is the first of its kind to use this level of cutting-edge technology in sex toy design for extreme edging sensations.



With a quick press of the Turbo button on your Pulse or via the App, you will access 4,450rpm of power.


Enjoy the rumbling sensations in the shower, bath or hot tub. Or, squeeze on some lube to transform your PULSE into a next-generation male masturbator. We recommend only using water-based lubricant and sex toy cleaner.


The Pulse Solo Interactive is rechargeable with up to 45 minutes of play time available off a single charge. Fast recharging via magnetic USB cable.


All bodies are different, but as a general rule you would need a minimum flaccid length of 3.25”, and a maximum girth of 8”, which is about 2.5” wide.

There is no maximum on length or minimum on girth.


  • Interactive, discreet and small male vibrator that stimulates the frenulum
  • Can be used flaccid or erect
  • Hands-free
  • Function: 9 Speed Oscillator, 6 vibration modes with adjustable frequency
  • Feel every movement made by your partner, mimicked through the oscillations
  • Turbo button with 4,450rpm of power.
  • Remote controlled with the app
  • Soft matte silicone
  • Wings expand around the penis
  • Run time | up to 45 minutes
  • Charge time | up to 3 hours
  • 100% waterproof
  • Includes travel pouch
  • 1 year warranty




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Dan N.

Better than I expected

I purchased the Pulse (which arrived in about 2 days) and was very pleased. With a little lube, I was able to ****** without using my hands. I found two ways to use it. You can hold it while sitting or lying on your back or you can lie on top of it. When you lie on top of it, extra pressure is exerted on your member and it feels really good. The outside of it vibrates as well. I put it on, put it against my wife's precious mound and she loved it. She was bucking and grinding against it like she was riding a stranger ! Awesome device !