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Looking for any entirely new way to gain sexual satisfaction? At My Secret Luxury, we feature urethral sounding toys that can provide a fine line between pleasure and pain. What started as a medical procedure was found to offer a euphoric feeling for some and involves inserting a toy into the urethra. Since the penis head has very sensitive nerve endings, inserting a toy into the urethra stimulates these nerve endings, and if the toy is inserted far enough, it will also stimulate the prostate. Find exciting urethral play toys from our bondage collection at My Secret Luxury.

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People are always searching for innovative ways to find sexual satisfaction. Depending upon your level of intrigue and adventure, urethral sounding might be BDSM play you need to increase your sexual repertoire. At My Secret Luxury, we offer a silicone urethral sounding tube that is inserted into the top of the penis and vibrates throughout the urethra, sending recurring pleasurable pulses. The sounding rod sends powerful vibrations right to the tip of the penis. If you want to try something taboo and you want to test the boundaries between pleasure and pain, check out the urethral play toys online at My Secret Luxury.

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By taking your urethral toy and inserting it slowly and gently, you may feel increasing pleasure. If you enjoy the feeling of inserting the tube into your urethra, you may start to practice it on a regular basis, which may stretch your urethra. This can also be pleasurable! Exploring unconventional sexual practices can enhance the enjoyment you or your partner can feel. At My Secret Luxury, we offer a BDSM urethral toy with graduated sizes so you can expand your penis’s hole to insert the sounding rod. It’s important to clean the sounding rod and use water-based lubricant for best practices. Find these titillating urethral toys online at My Secret Luxury. We also offer electrosex and wrist cuffs and restraints for better sexual experiences. 

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