How To Use A Finger Vibrator

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Finger vibrators are small discreet vibrators that are worn on your finger and hand. These mini vibrators add vibration where ever you need it. This type of luxury vibrators target specific areas and can work anywhere, including those areas that only your hands can reach.

They can enhance every kind of sexual play: nipple play, massages, masturbation, couples play, oral sex, and anything else you can think of.


If your hands and fingers can not do something, finger vibrators add vibration and make your sexual experience more intense.

Just like other luxury vibrators, finger vibrators come in a variety of shapes and styles. Whether you want to wear your finger vibrator like a thimble, a ring, or in between your fingers, the choice is yours. It’s just a matter of preference.


What Happens If You Don’t Like A Vibrator?

Give it at least 3-4 tries before you judge the vibrator. Whenever you try something new, the first couple of times you are focused more on the newness and sometimes awkwardness of the situation. Your body isn’t used to the sensation and your mind might wander a bit. Also, depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle (or even menopause), your body can react differently to sex toys. Your body has different needs during those times, which can affect how well sex toys can work.

It’s also important to remember that everyone is different, likes different things, and has a different body. What works for one person, may not work for you. So there is no one “best” finger vibrator out there – there’s only the best finger vibrator for YOU!

Why Do You Want A High-Quality Luxury Finger Vibrator?

Luxury vibrators are higher quality products. Would you rather have a diamond from Zales or a diamond from Tiffany’s? If price were no object, the answer is simple: you would want a diamond from Tiffany’s.


It’s a better quality diamond, bigger, and more exclusive, etc. The same is true with high-quality luxury vibrators. They are:

  • made of body-safe materials (rather than toxic chemicals that are harmful to your body)
  • quieter
  • more powerful
  • rechargeable
  • waterproof
  • built to last a long time (and have warranties!)

Luxury vibrator manufacturers maintain rigorous standards for their products. They spend a lot of time and money on research and development. Thus, they stand by their products with at least one-year warranties.

Luxury, quality, and safety come at a price! Remember: you get what you pay for when it comes to vibrators. High-end vibrators are made with body-safe materials. The best materials are non-porous and non-toxic. Medical-grade silicone is often used, which is excellent at transferring vibrations.

Do You Need to Use Lubricant?


It’s always smart to use personal lubricant.

Most of the time, our bodies produce enough natural lubricant to be comfortable everyday. However, if you are having sex or using toys, you may need more than what nature provides, especially if you are experiencing hormonal changes, on medications or experiencing stress.

Using personal lubricant is not a sign of a broken body or a failed libido. Instead it’s the most normal thing in the world.

We recommend water-based lubricant when using sex toys and silicone-based lube when using non-silicone sex toys or during sex or during sexual play in the shower/bath tub.

Water-Based Lube

Silicone-Based Lube

How Do You Clean A Finger Vibrator?

Don’t forget to clean your luxury finger vibrator before and after each use. You can sex toy cleaner, which does not leave a residue and won’t affect your pH level. One of our favorites is Think Clean Thoughts Anti-bacterial Foaming Toy Cleanser. We also like the convenience of S+HE Afterglow Tissues, which can be used to clean your toys and as an intimate wipe.



The best selling Fin is a discreet and versatile finger vibrator that can be used anywhere for external stimulation.

This wearable luxury vibrator is designed to feel like a part of the body, so wearers can be a part of something amazing. Worn between the fingers with or without a detachable tether, Fin offers three vibration speeds of vibration.

Fin’s vibrations feel different at each end of its body:

  1. One side offers pin-point stimulation, which is great for clitoral stimulation.
  2. The other side is soft and squishy.

Vibrations can even travel through the fingers by flipping Fin to the backside of your hand or by sliding it up to the base of your fingers.

Fun Factory Be One 2.0 Finger Vibrator

Rest the Be One 2.0 luxury finger vibrator between your fingers (or your labia) and deliver effortless vibration with every touch!

Shaped to fit perfectly between your fingers, use the Be One 2.0 to explore, play, tease, and add vibration anywhere it feels good!

The Be One 2.0 finger vibrator is small yet mighty. It has two strong and powerful motors that bounce vibration off each other for a feeling that’s more organic than steady vibration from a single motor.

FT London G-Ring XL Finger Vibrator

G Ring XL is a unique combination of finger vibrator and remote control for other FT London toys, including the G Plug. Fitting snugly around the finger, the 6 vibration modes of the G Ring XL can deliver vibration to anywhere your hands can roam.


DiGiT by Hot Octopuss

DiGiT is an ergonomic and powerful luxury finger vibrator that adds stimulating vibration to every touch.

Designed to feel like part of you, DiGiT curves seamlessly around your fingers to become an extension of your body. Unobtrusive yet incredibly powerful, DiGiT has a large rumbly motor.

Use DiGiT for masturbation or let your partner take control and take sex and foreplay to new levels. It is also ideal for adding clitoral stimulation during sex.

OhMiBod Lovelife Rev Finger Vibrator

Perfect for foreplay or for the main event, Lovelife Rev is an easy-grip finger vibrator that delivers vibration to all the right places.

Lovelife Rev is designed with accessibility in mind, featuring an ergonomic design that’s easy to hold, a single large button, and a manual with a large typeface for readability.

Lovelife Rev Finger Vibrator