Top 10 Best Fleshlight Sex Toys For Men Alternatives

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The Fleshlight masturbator and sex toy for men is a classic masturbation sleeve and stroker. When introduced years ago, hiding a masturbator inside what looks like a flashlight was radical and ground-breaking. Now, sleeves and strokers either look like sex toys for men, if that’s what you prefer, or are more discreet, without a case hiding the surprise inside.

All premium high-quality masturbators:

  • Allow you to be in control. Whenever you want, however you like, sleeves and strokers offer you a sexual gratification alternative to fulfill your sexual fantasies and meet your desires.
  • Are close to the real thing. The best sleeves and strokers have been designed to provide the realistic simulation.
  • Improve stamina & performance. No matter your sexual experience, there is always room for improvement. Test your skills, practice new techniques, and test how long you can last with a masturbation sleeve.
  • Offer lots of practice. When using these luxury sex toys, it is an easy, safe, and satisfying way to explore pleasure.
  • Give you a years of pleasure. With proper use, care, and storage, your luxury masturbation sleeve and stroker will last for years.

Do You Need To Use Lubricant?

YES!! And, lubricant does not mean saliva or vaseline.

Lubrication during masturbation is important because it makes masturbation BETTER and much more pleasurable. Every sensation is enhanced which will allow you to feel every movement at a heightened level.

For anal play, lubrication is a must. Unlike the vagina, the anus does not produce natural lubrication. Therefore, lube is necessary. Plus, lube makes anal play more comfortable. Anal lubricant, which is thicker than regular lubricant, stays on the skin longer and provides a more comfortable feeling by reducing friction and sensation.

When using premium high-quality luxury sex toys, we recommend using premium lube. If you drive a Ferrari, would you put in regular gas?

We recommend water-based lubricant when using sex toys and silicone-based lube when using non-silicone sex toys. A hybrid lubricant is a mostly water-based lubricant with a touch of silicone for a better glide.

Hybrid Water-Based Lube

Silicone-Based Lube

Do You Need To Clean Your Sex Toys?

It’s very important to clean your high-quality strokers and sleeves before and after each use. If you treat your products well, they will last longer. To extend the life of your masturbator and stroker, we recommend cleaning your toy with a Toy Powder.


1. BEST SLEEVE: Tenga Flip Zero

The Flip Zero is a modern and discreet masturbation sleeve that uses the finest premium materials and the most intricate internal texturing details with added suction for ultimate pleasure.

The opening for your penis provides the perfect seal, preventing lubricant from leaking and forming a strong vacuum seal made possible by the one-way valve.

Flip Zero’s internal details:

  1. Hugs your penis from both sides
  2. Grasps your shaft while rippling edges stimulate your shaft
  3. Stimulates the tip of your penis from all angles

The Flip Zero’s pressure pads creates suction for more stimulation. Another similar Tenga masturbator is the Tenga Egg 6 packs.

2. BEST BUDGET SLEEVE: Tenga Spinner

The Tenga Spinner masturbator and stroker has an internal coil within the double-layered structure, which makes the Spinner twist as you insert. The spinning sensation around your penis sends pleasurable sensations through your shaft with each stroke.

The Spinner Masturbation Sleeve can be turned inside out to be washed and reused, and also has a drying stand built in for hygienic drying


The B Swish Bhandy Classic Pearl is an open-ended masturbation sleeve that will maximize your orgasm during masturbation or oral sex.

The silky soft interior texture of the Bhandy Classic Pearl will intensify your orgasm during solo play or oral sex. The super soft 100% body-safe TPE sleeve of this compact stroker has a textured channel designed for more stimulation.

Intensify any blow job with this compact stroker. With a double opening design, your partner can take the head of your penis in their mouth, while using Bhandy Classic Pearl on your shaft.


The Zero Tolerance Double Decker Stroker is a two-in-one sex toy for men allowing you to choose from a lifelike vaginal entry or a non-anatomical classic round hole shape.

The textured, ribbed channel that cradles your penis in all the right places for a nice, tight fit! You can intensify any blow job with the Double Decker. With a double opening design, your partner can take the head of your penis in their mouth, while using this stroker on your shaft.

5. BEST VIBRATING SLEEVE: Tenga Flip Zero Vibration

Add vibration to the Flip Zero and WOW!

The Flip Zero Vibration is a vibration masturbation sleeve and stroker that has two vibrating motors inside its elastomer sleeve, which provides rumbly sensations with each stroke throughout the entire masturbator. You can enjoy vibrations by pressing the button on the bottom of the sex toy and enjoy 5 different vibration patterns. The internal structure is designed specifically to complement and enhance the vibration sensations.

After inserting your penis, the pressure pads on the Flip Zero Vibration can be used to control the pressure manually. Or, you can squeeze out the internal air to create a strong vacuum suction. The repeating edges on the inside give a hugging sensation on both sides of your shaft. Another vibrating masturbator which is amazing is the Fun Factory Mantra Vibrating Stroker.


ArcWave Ion is a Pleasure Air stroker and masturbator, where pulsating airwaves stimulate your sensitive Pacinian pleasure receptors in the frenulum at the tip of the penis, creating an intense orgasm. It is an innovative new type of stimulation that is based entirely on changes in air pressure to target highly sensitive nerve endings, leading to a powerful new type of orgasm.

Orgasms can be more intense and more varied. You might feel a more varied build up, waves of sensation, and a powerful release. Pleasure Air uses pulsating airwaves to suck and massage your penis to a brand-new type of orgasm, one that is not achievable by stroking alone.


LELO F1s is the first luxury male masturbator, masturbation sleeve, and sex toy for men that features sonic waves with 2 powerful motors and 10 smart sensors.

Thanks to its unique dual-motor design, the F1s combines conventional vibrations with sonic waves or SenSonic technology. In addition to standard vibrations, which tingles the nerve endings of the skin’s surface, one of F1s’ motors emits powerful sonic waves that penetrate deep into your penis, pleasuring your penis from all directions at once. Sonic waves plus vibration will help you achieve the most deep and overwhelming orgasms of your life.

The Cruise Control setting ensures that your F1s will never experience a power drop during vigorous use. Instead, the masturbator will monitor and intelligently control the intensity of the sensations so that it never drops in power. Hands-free play can also be achieved with Cruise Control.

F1s can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Use the free app to control your masturbator, create your own sensations, and track your progress through the 10 sensitive and internal sensors. See all of your statistics (temperature, pressure, how many vibrations you experience, or hand the controls to a partner for a new dimension of couples play. A masturbator for premature ejaculations is Myhixel TR Masturbator.


The Hummer 2.0 is a sleek suction masturbator and hands-free BJ machine that simulates a blow job with super-charged suction and electricity!

With a top speed of 180 RPMs and 180 suction impulses per minute, Hummer 2.0 is a luxury sex toy for men with 9 gears. The first gear allows you to control 6 different speeds – from slow to go – of the BJ machine. The first gear will help you increase your sexual stamina, enhance performance, and intensify those orgasms.

The second through ninth gears are similar to oral simulation. Eight fully-automatic suction modes with 4 minute sessions and unpredictable BJ patterns will give you a completely random, realistic blow job every time.

The 6.5 inch deep textured sleeve vibrates on its own with a press of a button. This detachable vibrating stroker can be used with or without the BJ machine.

9. BEST THRUSTING MASTURBATOR: Zero Tolerance Thrusting Stroker


The Keon and Feel Stroker together equal a powerful automated masturbator for men.

Controlling the speed and length of your Feel Stroker is easy when using Keon. When the Feel Stroker is added to Keon, the stroker’s speed is up to 230 strokers per minute. You also get to control of length strength. The tactile buttons make finding the perfect stroke combination very easy.

Whether you want to use Keon and Feel solo or with an interactive experience, you can:

  • Connect to other Kiiroo or FeelTechnology-enabled toys from anywhere in the world and OhMiBod Fuse and OhMiBod Esca
  • Connect to 3D/VR interactive videos
  • Connect to 2D interactive videos
  • Connect to or interact with webcam performers

Feel’s sleeve has an internal texture designed to stimulate every part of your penis with real skin-like texture and stimulation. Experience the most pleasurable sensations created by the spiral ridges. The Helix Power Texture formula is body-safe and resembles real skin-like softness and texture.