How to Buy Sex Toys Online & Have Them Delivered Discreetly

How to Buy Sex Toys Online & Have Them Delivered Discreetly

Posted by Sexual Health Educator on 3rd Jan 2021

Millions of adults enjoy using high quality sex toys and millions more are interested in buying sex toys online but are nervous about whether the packaging will be discreet. Most people do not want to share their sex lives with neighbors, children, or the mail carrier. This uneasiness around packaging makes them second-guess making a purchase. Because the pandemic has made brick & mortar shopping less convenient, more people are turning to online buying. If you’ve been somewhat hesitant to buy sex toys online, here are some tips to put your mind at ease:

  1. Read the Description- Many luxury sex toys are shipped in discreet packaging – either plain packaging or the shipping carriers packaging -- without the company name appearing anywhere. That said, not all sellers practice the same level of security. Read the store’s shipping information to see if there are references to the packaging. The retailer’s Frequently Asked Questions section may also give packing information.
  2. Product Reviews- In addition to the product descriptions, read reviews on the seller’s website. See if there is any mention of packaging. Most retailers that are selling sex toys online do not rely on the manufacturers’ packaging for shipping. They use their own; sometimes branded and other times, plain.
  3. Be Wary of Bloggers- Many of the so-called sex toy reviews found online are nothing more than thinly veiled affiliate sites; a website where bloggers earn a commission for every product sold. Even the big name blogs aren’t exempt from this practice. Honest reviews are great, but difficult to find. redditt is often a better source for real reviews and honest feedback.
  4. P.O. Box- For those who are unwilling to leave anything to chance, it’s easy to just rent a post office box and have packages delivered there. If the sex toy store you are shopping with happens to boldly broadcast details of your brand-new toys on the side of the box, at least only the post office employees will know! Keep in mind that some shipping carriers, such as UPS and FedEx, are unable to deliver to a P.O. Box.

Can Minors Buy Sex Toys Online?

Sex toys cannot legally be sold to anyone under the age of 18. When a shopper enters a sex toy website or when a shopper checks out, a birth date may need to be entered. Even if that isn’t the case, minors should not try to purchase sex toys online, even if they believe the product will be sent discreetly and their parents will not find out.

Where NOT to Buy Sex Toys Online

If you decide to purchase sex toys online and don’t want anyone find out, you may want to avoid shopping on websites like Amazon or Ebay. Not only do these websites often sell fake and used toys, these websites also remember your shopping and browsing history and sex toys just might show up in your social media feed or Amazon suggested products. Another way to ensure that you keep your sex toy shopping on the down low is to clear your cookies and browser history, after making a purchase.

Avoid sex toy websites that do not disclose the manufacturer of their sex toys. It’s important to know product details, including what chemicals and materials are being used. Some third-party sellers will claim to sell a luxury sex toy or high-end sex toy, but instead are selling cheap knock offs that may be toxic or dangerous. The best advice is to stick with name brand products and to buy from trusted websites.