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One of the most exciting elements of sex is finding an erogenous zone you didn’t even know you had or finding that special spot on your lover.  While manual or oral stimulation is always an excellent form of foreplay, why not take your lovemaking up a notch? With a clitoral and nipple pump from My Secret Luxury, the ecstasy she’ll experience will leave her hungry for more. Purchase your affordable clitoral and nipple pump sex toys for women online from My Secret Luxury and let the games begin!

Get Clitoral & Nipple Pumps For Below $100

Have you checked out the clitoral and nipple pumps available online at My Secret Luxury? For less than a night out, you can purchase a clitoral and nipple pump, guaranteed to heat up the nights you decide to stay in! All of our clitoral and nipple pump options are less than $100.00 each, and you’ll use your pump again and again, you’ll save enough cash to buy an extra toy for your next sexual encounter.

Leave her begging for more, get your clitoral and nipple pump online today from My Secret Luxury. You can even include e-stim electrosex sex toys with your purchase or intensify foreplay with a nipple clamp from the Fifty Shade Of Grey sex kit.

Enjoy Foreplay? Our Clitoral & Nipple Pumps Is The Right Choice For You

If you—or the woman in your life—enjoys extended foreplay, then a clitoral and nipple pump can provide hours of enjoyment. At My Secret Luxury, we feature pumps that are rechargeable, offer varying suction strengths, and can be used for clitoral stimulation, nipple stimulation, or both.

These pumps are designed to increase the blood flow to these sensitive areas by using suction, intensifying arousal, and resulting in stronger climaxes. We have several clitoral and nipple pumps available online; view our product descriptions and comparisons to find options that intrigues you the most. Buy yours today online at My Secret Luxury from a range of products such as the Lovense Gemini Vibrating Nipple Clamp.

Clitoral & Nipple Pumps Are Designed For Intense Arousal

Some women need a little extra something to bring them to orgasm. In fact, the majority of women admit that they usually don’t orgasm from penetration alone. Why not up the odds that you’ll both enjoy sex a little more by introducing a clitoral and nipple pump to your sexual encounters?

By attaching the suction cups to either erogenous zone, the gentle suction can elevate clitoral or nipple sensation and enhance amorousness. Ramp up your game for you and your lover—purchase a clitoral and nipple pump online from My Secret Luxury!

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