Bathmate Shower Strap


Bathmate Shower Strap 

While any of the Bathmate penis pumps can be used easily in the shower (or bath), a lot of people want to be able to concentrate on taking a shower while carrying out their Bathmate routine, rather than being wholly focused on the pump. The Bathmate Shower Strap is a convenient addition to your hydropump, letting you go completely hands-free in the shower.


The Shower Strap was engineered to allow you keep your hands free when using the Hydromax or Bathmate Hydropump in the shower. The shower strap allows you to continue to shower normally without having to worry about holding you Hydropump during each session.


The ShowerStrap is comfortable and adjustable making it less likely to fall off and keeps your Bathmate in the correct position. 


Slip the loop over your head and around your neck. Attach the hard plastic ring at the end of the strap to the pump, leaving your hands-free.